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Welcome to the wiki, your community-edited ISBoxer resource!

What is ISBoxer?

Build your own multiboxing interface with Widgets in the game window, including live fully interactive views from other windows, buttons and indicator icons, and areas that automatically pass mouse clicks to other windows!

ISBoxer is premium MMORPG multiboxing software, designed to help you optimize your multiboxing experience on your PC hardware.

ISBoxer is designed to improve your ability to:

  1. Configure your game and hardware
  2. See your game windows and important details within them
  3. Interact with your games

ISBoxer does not provide any automation, autofire, botting, hacks or other cheating functionality. Top MMORPG publishers including Blizzard Entertainment, Trion Worlds, Daybreak Game Company, CCP, Turbine, NCSoft and others all allow multiboxing with ISBoxer.

Getting Started Multiboxing with ISBoxer

Quick Start Guides

There are some specific guides to help you get started with popular games, otherwise use the Generic guide

Diablo III
Everquest 1
Everquest 2
EVE Online
Lord of the Rings Online
World of Warcraft
Generic Quick Start Guide for other games


ISBoxer has several wizards to help speed up the initial setup and ongoing configuration.

Quick Setup Wizard
Mapped Key Wizard
Window Layout Wizard
Virtual File Wizard
CPU Strategy Wizard
Help / Support
ISBoxer Discord.png
  • ISBoxer Discord has several hundred users online including paid helpers and community volunteers
  • Come to the #isboxerhelp channel, and ask away!
  • We also have separate text channels for people who multibox different games with ISBoxer Forums 24/7 access to already-answered questions, common issues, etc
Reporting Bugs Please visit the Forums and begin a new thread