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Editing a Virtual File

A Virtual File can direct the game to a given file in place of another. This is typically used to use a single folder for performance reasons, while keeping multiple configurations.

The Quick Setup Wizard sets up some Virtual Files automatically for your convenience.

Creating a Virtual File

  1. In the top pane, right click Virtual Files
  2. Select New Virtual File from the drop-down menu
  3. Rename the new Virtual File to the actual filename on the disk, without the path. For example, Config.WTF, or LauncherUserSettings.XML
  4. Now, for each Character that will need this file virtualized
    1. Drag the Character from the top pane into the bottom left pane with the Virtual File selected (visible in the bottom left pane)
    2. Select the Character in the bottom left pane, so that on the bottom right pane you see "Virtualize as" with a box next to it
    3. In the Virtualize as box, enter the new filename, without the path. For example, Config-MyCharacter.WTF, or LauncherUserSettings-MyAccount.XML

In this fashion, each Character can have its own version of a settings file, or share with certain others, etc.

Virtual Files Syntax

  • The new syntax uses * and ? wildcards for the filename pattern
  • The matching values are placed in {1} {2} and so on, left to right, for each wildcard.
  • Each matching rule applies, in the order added (i.e. top to bottom)
 "*/core_user_*.dat" => "{1}/core_user_allsamefile.dat"
 "*/core_user_*.dat" => "{1}/core_user_{2}-isboxer.dat"
 "*/WTF/*" => "{1}/WTF/{2}"
 "*/Addons.txt" => "{1}/Addons-ISBoxer.txt"
  • Backwards compatibility is retained. fileredirect commands that do not contain a pattern will exhibit the original behaviour.
    • Those ending in / translate from "/folder/" "/folder-other/" to "*/folder/*" "{1}/folder-other/{2}".
    • Those not ending in / translate from "filename.txt" "filename-other.txt" to "*filename.txt" "{1}filename-other.txt"

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