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A Repeater Region is an area of the game window where the mouse and relevant modifier keys (any combination of alt, ctrl, and shift) are automatically passed to a given Target (one or more windows), and may block clicks from the current window. Repeater Regions are managed via the in-game ISBoxer Control Panel.

Repeater Regions have proven incredibly useful for healing in World of Warcraft, when used in conjunction with a healer addon such as VuhDo. Tip: Be careful about the size of your Repeater Region, because clicks will be passed through the whole thing; If you click outside of the unit frames but inside the Repeater Region, you may cause your character to move, etc.

Creating a Repeater Region

  • Open the ISBoxer in game GUI (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+G)
  • Select the Repeater Region tab.
  • Give your region a name
  • Select a target (if you want every window to get the same thing, then "all other")
  • Hit the Add button
  • This will add a red window to the current screen. Using the title bar of that, drag it to where you want it, size it using the edges.
  • Back in the ISBoxer GUI, hit Sync. This will copy the region to all slots (you can reposition the other slots if you want so the source and destination regions do not need to be in the same location).
  • Hit Save As (if you name auto it will "auto" load with the team, otherwise you will need to load manually, whether through the GUI or a mapped key)
  • Close the ISBoxer in game GUI (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+G)

Common problems

I am using multiple PCs and my mouse is jittery inside my Repeater Region
You will want to change the Target of your Repeater Region. The problem is that the Target includes the active foreground window on more than one PC, so both of them are sending competing position updates -- you move the mouse, the other PC sends a previous position, and then your mouse rubber bands. Make an Action Target Group for the Character this is going to: right click Action Target Group, select New, name it like "healer", drag Character to it, Export) and then it will be selectable in the Repeater Region creator area in-game. Kill the old region (or click Clear to clear all if you made multiple), click Block Local Click and select the new Action Target Group, then click Add and position the new Repeater Region.

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