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A widget is an element of a graphical user interface (GUI) that may provide a view of information and/or interactive function.

ISBoxer makes three types of widgets available for in-game use:

  • A Click Bar is a collection of interactive buttons with text or images, which can map button clicks to Mapped Keys
  • A Menu is like a Click Bar on steroids with its own optional Hotkeys
  • A Repeater Region will automatically broadcast the mouse and modifier keys to one or more Target windows
  • A Video FX shows a view of part or all of another game window, and can optionally broadcast the mouse and keystrokes to the view's source while the mouse is inside

While the ISBoxer Control Panel is open in the game (toggled by Ctrl+Shift+Alt+G by default), all Click Bars, Repeater Regions and Video FX will be in an editable mode. In this mode, they may be moved or resized (with the exception that Click Bars may not be resized with this method).