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The CPU Strategy Wizard in ISBoxer 39 simplifies CPU Management

ISBoxer 39 includes a new page in the Quick Setup Wizard, as well as a new CPU Strategy Wizard to simplify CPU Management. The Recommended settings are automatically selected for you, with the possible exception of desired framerate (FPS) settings.

You can use the CPU Strategy Wizard to replace the strategy for any given Character Set at any time. An Export to Inner Space should instantly apply the new settings if your team is already running.

CPU Strategy generator

To use the CPU Strategy generator, first change any of the Properties, and then select a strategy from the drop-down box below the Properties.

Typically, the only Properties you will want to change (if any) will be the FPS settings, and the Master slot.

Properties in the CPU Strategy generator

  • Maximum Framerate (FPS)
    • Background: When a particular window is NOT focused (Inactive; in the Background) its framerate (frames per second; FPS) will be limited to this amount. Lowering background FPS will smooth overall performance, but depending on the game may be detrimental to a character's ability to auto-follow or perform abilities. EverQuest 1 requires a background FPS of about 25 or higher for accurate auto-follow performance.
    • Foreground: When a particular window is focused (Active; in the Foreground) its framerate (frames per second; FPS) will be limited to this amount
  • Misc
    • CPU HyperThreading: This option enables optimizations for HyperThreading technology commonly found in Intel processors (e.g. the i5 and i7 CPUs). This pairs each physical (real) core with its companion logical (fake) core, to best utilize the HyperThreading technology. This option should be automatically detected for you, and correctly selected by default
    • Master slot: The 'Master slot' can be used to specify a slot that should be optimized for higher performance than other slots, for example because this would be the window you prefer to play from. This will typically receive a dedicated CPU, specified by the Master slot CPU option.
    • Master slot CPU: This option specifies which CPU core should be dedicated to the Master slot, for optimal performance. The remaining CPU cores may be distributed among the remaining slots.

Selecting a strategy

The generator will create several possible strategies for your team, and will always have the typically recommended strategy selected by default. In other words, if you don't know what to pick, then you don't need to change a thing. :) You can also try a different strategy later -- with the CPU Strategy Wizard -- to compare performance.