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Exploring some of the Mapped Keys generated by the Quick Setup Wizard

Key mapping, not to be confused with key broadcasting, is the ability to define exactly what a particular button will do when you press it, whether that will be passing the same key to other game windows, or a host of other available Actions. Key broadcasting on the other hand is the passing of keys that you press to your other game windows, exactly as and when you press them yourself.

Key mapping in ISBoxer is configured through Key Maps, some of which are automatically created for you by the Quick Setup Wizard. Each Key Map may contain any number of individual Mapped Keys.

Some key mapping features available in ISBoxer
  • Make your buttons do things by choosing from an extensive list of provided Actions that have been deemed safe for you to use in Multiboxing!
  • Steps allow your buttons to do different things from one press to the next
  • Steps can specify conditions where they do not advance to the next step until a period of time has passed, meaning that you may continue to press the button and it will continue to perform the same step each time, for that period
  • Your buttons can reset to the first step after not being used for some amount of time by specifying reset conditions

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