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Configuring Repeater in ISBoxer

Mouse broadcasting (also known as mouse cloning), similar to key broadcasting, is the passing of mouse movements and buttons that you press to your other game windows, exactly as and when you move or press them yourself. ISBoxer also provides the actual mouse cursor in each of the Target game windows while mouse broadcasting is enabled, meaning that you can see where your mouse cursor is, as well as the icon and any other mouse-related features of the game (such as ground-targeting circles, which is extremely helpful for casting AOE spells!). ISBoxer's mouse broadcasting functionality is provided by Repeater and is controlled by your Repeater Profile.

As with key broadcasting, mouse broadcasting should typically be used somewhat sparingly. Mouse broadcasting mode should be reserved for interacting with the game's graphical user interface during specific moments, rather than permanently. This will help prevent accidental run-offs and other fun moments you will come to experience and enjoy while multiboxing with any system.

Some suggested ways to enable or use mouse broadcasting
  • The Quick Setup Wizard sets up a default hotkey for you, Shift+Alt+R, as well as an on-screen icon that can be clicked to enable key and mouse broadcasting
    • Hotkeys for toggling mouse broadcasting can also be configured in your Repeater Profile, however these hotkeys are not linked to the on-screen icons created by the wizard. To avoid confusing yourself it is recommended to instead adjust the Mapped Keys created for you by the Quick Setup Wizard.
  • Repeater Region Widgets both provide mouse broadcasting specific to a custom area of the game window
  • Send Next Click Action can be used as part of any Mapped Key to temporarily enable mouse broadcasting until you click (and release) a button. This is the method of choice for casting and targeting AOE spells with ISBoxer. An example key for this is generated by the Quick Setup Wizard in your "Always On" Key Map.

Common issues

Fake cursor appears slightly above where it actually is
This is usually caused by the use of an incompatible display mode (e.g. windowed, fullscreen, etc.) or mis-matched game resolutions (i.e. different aspect ratios). Although, it can sometimes be related to the "Remove border around main window" option in your Window Layout. If you experience this bug, please report it (particularly which game you experience it in) via the ISBoxer Forums, as this may need to be corrected in our software.
Fake cursor only appears in the upper left part of the other window, and disappears when moving it to the lower right.
This will happen if the other window is not in the same resolution as the current window, and the current window is in a higher resolution. The fix, therefore, is to ensure that all windows are in the same resolution.
Multiple computers
Cursor is jittery
A jittery cursor will happen when multiple PCs have a foreground window, and have Mouse Repeat enabled. This is because the cursor movement on the other PC is fed back to the current PC, which might already have the cursor in another position (due to you moving the mouse while the information is passed back and forth across the network). To fix this problem enable Mouse Repeat only on the current window, instead of all windows. If you get this problem from a Repeater Region, you should make sure that the selected Target does not include multiple active windows (typically it should be sent to 1 specific window, not all of them).

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