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Editing a Send Next Click Action from the Quick Setup Wizard-generated Key Maps

A Send Next Click Action temporarily enables real-time Mouse broadcasting, including sending modifier keys such as Alt, Shift and Ctrl, until the next click and release of a mouse button. This feature was originally designed to make it easy to click on the ground to target AOE (area of effect) spells in other game windows, and see the targeting circle in each window. An example Mapped Key for this is generated by the Quick Setup Wizard.

Send Next Click Action supports Round-robin via a checkbox, making it easy to position and pass clicks one at a time for different windows.

Send Next Click Action also provides an optional Video FX while enabled, making it easy to see the area surrounding the cursor in the Target window. If more than one window is receiving the click, the Video FX view will appear to switch at random between the windows, meaning that this feature is best used when sending a click to a single window at a time.


  • If you initiate a Send Next Click from a slot (the source), it can only be "cancelled" by issuing another Send Next Click from the current source window. In other words, you must click the mouse to clear the action.

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