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Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) is a Free to Play MMORPG by Turbine. LOTRO is fully supported by the ISBoxer multiboxing software!

Multiboxing Lord of the Rings Online with ISBoxer

lotromultiboxing's popular Retake Weathertop video, playing 1 Minstrel and 5 Lore-Masters

ISBoxer is premium MMORPG multiboxing software, designed to help you optimize your multiboxing experience on your PC hardware.

ISBoxer is designed to improve your ability to:

  1. Configure your game and hardware
    • Manage your CPUs and GPUs (video cards)
    • Program your Input Devices
    • Use different game settings, such as graphics levels, per window. LOTRO's UserPreferences.ini and LauncherUserSettings.xml configuration files will automatically be kept separate per Character, making it easy to use different video or audio settings per window, and each window always has the right account, server and character ready to go! With ONE game folder, which is much faster than using one per toon!
  2. See your game windows and important details within them
  3. Interact with your games

ISBoxer does not provide any automation, autofire, botting, hacks or other cheating functionality. Top MMORPG publishers including Blizzard Entertainment, Trion Worlds, Daybreak Game Company, CCP, Turbine, NCSoft and others all allow multiboxing with ISBoxer.

Getting Started Multiboxing with ISBoxer

Supported things

We have a new chat room available for you to discuss Lord of the Rings Online with other multiboxers!

LOTRO features used by ISBoxers

Lord of the Rings Online provides many of the common game features favored in multiboxing, such as auto-follow, Skill Target Forwarding and a basic in-game macro and hotkeying system.

LOTRO has an Addon system currently in Beta, which unfortunately does not support configuring Hotkeys; This makes LOTRO configuration more time consuming since the in-game hotkeys can not be configured for you ahead of time by ISBoxer, as is done for World of Warcraft.


Features I love:

  • stepping/progression keys... I can have all my toons cycle through a skill progression with a single key! Great for build-up skills, and terrific for fellowship maneuvers... I can get the best ones (Ent's wrath) all the time!
  • keeping the slaves in the foreground (obviously) so I can send keystrokes to them without task switching... increased the effectiveness of the team at least by 2. Being able to have all the toons do something at once instead of cycling through them.
  • launching of the app from the same folder with virtualized config files. Prior, I had to run each from it's own directory... the disk swapping is much less with your solution... I believe common files get swapped up in memory/etc... anyway, it's much faster. Much less lag during zone loads as well.
  • Half the fun for me is running multiple toons... the game is great and engaging, but leveling/learning 6 classes/skills/deeds at once is much more fun for me.. plus I'm a programmer, so configuring/getting things to work in ISBoxer is great fun too!
  • Finally, If Turbine ever gives you any grief, I'm spending money for 6 accounts now instead of just one... they'll come out ahead with my money big-time. If I didn't have ISBoxer, I might have lost interest... I don't a lot of time to look for groups on-line, and, honestly, I'm not that interested in that end of it. I've quit other games that basically required that (I used to play FLYFF quite a bit). My family plays 3 of my toons sometimes, and that is great fun! If I couldn't level them all together, we couldn't do that. I'll leave that as feedback for Turbine somewhere too...

In closing, I'm very impressed with ISBoxer and will keep a subscription as long as I have time to play these games. Thanks for the great work!

Dan J.
Iowa, USA
32 loremaster, 33 hunter, 33 minstrel, 33 captain, 35 champion, 37 guardian
37 year old software developer with a wife and 2 daughters who love to go horseback riding with me in LOTRO when we're not beating up bad guys!

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