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Editing a WoW Macro Action

As of ISBoxer 38, WoW Macros should be kept in the World of Warcraft Macro Library and used via Named World of Warcraft Macro Action. It is recommended that you use the new system instead of using the original WoW Macro Action; the new system is less confusing!

A WoW Macro Action is a special action for World of Warcraft (as the name implies, this type of Action will not work for other games). This is the same as a Keystroke Action, but generates a WoW Macro specifically for each Character in each Character Set in the ISBoxer Addon; The Addon will assign a WoW Key Binding (configured by the Key combination) to the WoW Macro.

This cannot be used to place a macro on an Action Bar -- those macros must be created in-game. The macros created by ISBoxer are invisible, and can be up to 1023 characters in length, the same as macros created by other Addons.


  • The Target indicates which windows the Key Combination will be sent to
  • The Key Combination is what will be passed to the game. This cannot match the Hotkey for an Action Bar button; if it does, the macro will not be assigned because World of Warcraft prevents it. If "Use FTL Modifiers" is enabled for this Mapped Key, the Key Combination should be an unmodified key (as the modifiers Alt, Shift and Ctrl are then reserved for FTL Modifiers).
  • The Different WoW Macros using this key combination will tell you how many different (not identical) WoW Macro Actions are already using the selected Key Combination. This will help prevent conflicting WoW Macros, as only one WoW Macro can be bound to a particular Key Combination by the game. This number is more of a guide than an absolute, as it does not determine which WoW Macros are not going to be applied to a given Character or Character Set.
  • The Display as (in Step) option can change the text in the Step and serves no other purpose. In the picture, this option has been set to say Invites and the effect can be seen underneath Actions: Invites -> self
  • The drop-down box next to "Display as" that says <Copy from...> can be used to copy from another WoW Macro Action
  • The Commands box is where you put the actual WoW Macro
  • The Targeting helper options are outdated and no longer necessary, but available for backwards compatibility. They were originally used to facilitate switching between Focus-based and FTL-based configuration. Now, the Quick Setup Wizard generates a simplified FTL-based configuration instead, so the Targeting helper options should generally be avoided.
  • The Final macro text demonstrates how the macro will actually look, as applied to a given Character. The as applied to box selects the Character to show the macro for. The asterisk (*) button next to the Target picker can be used to select the Character Set.
  • The Name for use with /click can be used to create WoW Macros for use with the /click command. If this option is not used, the name of the WoW Macro is automatically generated and not easily predictable.

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