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The ISBoxer Addon for World of Warcraft is generated when you Export to Inner Space.

The ISBoxer Addon can install and key bind (hotkey) various WoW Macros within the game for use during multiboxing, without affecting your non-multiboxing macros or key bindings.

WoW Macro mapping

Each Character in ISBoxer will have a set of WoW Macros to be applied, usually via the WoW Macro Library. Sets of WoW Macros can be Character-specific, or applied to each Character in a Character Set. When setting up custom WoW Macros, it is generally recommended to separate class-specific macros into different WoW Macro Sets, which can then be assigned only to the Characters of that class (i.e. a druid does not need a warlock macro).

Out of Date Addon

If your ISBoxer Addon shows as out of date, you will need to set WoW to load Out of date Addons for it to work. It shows out of date because the TOC header in the ISBoxer Addon is not what the version of the game is expecting. This does not necessarily mean it is incompatible. This also applies to Classic WOW which is really based on v8(+). The APIs that the ISBoxer Addon uses have not changed since 2.4.3. Versions of WoW prior to 2.4.3 (not Classic, those commonly known as Vanilla) are unable to use the ISBoxer Addon.

Troubleshooting a missing ISBoxer Addon

The ISBoxer Addon gets generated into the World of Warcraft .\Interface\Addons folder when you Export to Inner Space. There are a few reasons why ISBoxer might not generate the ISBoxer Addon:

  1. If your Windows User Account Control (UAC) is set to "Never notify", ISBoxer and Inner Space may be running with Standard user permissions while they require Administrator permissions. If you get no pop-up asking for this permission when you run ISBoxer or Inner Space, you may need to right click and select Run as Administrator. Export again after doing so.
  2. You need to have selected the game you are playing as World of Warcraft during the Quick Setup Wizard (yes, this also applies for Classic), or your characters need to have World of Warcraft as the game in the 3rd dropdown in the Character details in ISBoxer. The 3rd drop down is the one with the really big label "ISBoxer can provide additional features and apply fixes for certain games. Select your game in the box below for these features."
  3. Your character set/characters need to be assigned at least one macro set from the Game Helpers -> World of Warcraft. This is done automatically for you by the Quick Setup Wizard if you have selected WoW as your game.
  4. The executable pointed at in the Game/Game Profile configured in Inner Space, needs to actually exist.
  5. You have manually created a game profile using the Add Game, and drag and dropped the icon from the desktop to it, which points at the WoW Launcher, with a '-classic' parameter. This breaks many things.
  6. The Game/Game Profile configured in Inner Space, and selected for your WoW characters, needs to be pointing at one of the following for the "Main executable filename" (these are not case sensitive):
  • World of Warcraft Launcher.exe
  • wow.exe
  • wow-64.exe
  • wowclassic.exe
  • World of Warcraft Beta Launcher.exe
  • wowb.exe
  • wowb-64.exe
  • World of Warcraft Public Test Launcher.exe
  • wowt.exe
  • wowt-64.exe
  • wowclassict.exe

NOTE: If you have to rename! If you find you need to rename the executable file name to match one of those listed above (usually only applicable if you are using a private server), make sure you have set Windows to not hide the file extensions, otherwise you may end up with a different full file name to what you can actually see.

Note: the Addon will be generated for the WoW installation pointed at by the main executable path in the Game Profile that your characters are using. If you need to change the Game Profile settings, ISBoxer will need to reload it. This can be achieved by exiting ISBoxer and reopening it.

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