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I've used the Quick Setup Wizard... what now?

After running the Quick Setup Wizard, do an Export to Inner Space. You can find it in the File menu.

Before doing any further configuration, it is highly recommended to try it out by logging into your game. This will help make sure you don't break things with your changes before seeing whether the base setup works or not.

Secondly, it is highly recommended to continue with the rest of the WoW Quicker Start Guide. This guide covers most of the first questions we receive from new WoW players when something from the Quick Setup Wizard doesn't work right, including making sure the ISBoxer Addon is not disabled.

Now that you have hopefully entered the game, and successfully attacked something... (if not, go back to the previous paragraph and click one of the links to follow the Quicker Start Guide).

The most basic work has already been done for you by the Quick Setup Wizard. There are many possible "next steps", depending on any changes you would like to make to your setup, or features you want to add to it.

Common tasks
In-game widgets
Getting help
  • Many of the most common questions are answered in our FAQ, so check that out! There are many other examples of Common modifications you can browse as well.
  • If you need help and the wiki isn't doing it for you, the ISBoxer Chat Room and the ISBoxer forums should be your next stops

Long-term planning

You're just getting started, and there's tons of features in ISBoxer. It's okay to be a little scared of what might lie ahead -- but remember, everyone who uses (or has used) ISBoxer has been in your shoes.

As you spend some time multiboxing, you will probably want to adapt your multiboxing configuration to handle new situations, new characters, or new abilities. ISBoxer provides all of the mechanisms you need in order to achieve this, within the rules and mechanics of your game. That is to say, if you can think of something you want to set up and it's possible (and allowed) to do it in your game, then ISBoxer is the right tool for the job.

The trick is to determine which windows need to press which buttons, when you press a button. Or, when to activate Mouse broadcasting, or when to pop up a Video FX to see part of another window, or when to pop up some text, and so on. These activities are called Actions, which you can add to Mapped Keys. Mapped Keys, in turn, can be activated by a Hotkey, by a button on a Click Bar, or a few other cases such as switching windows.

Beyond the basics, learning the different kinds of Actions and how to apply them to meet your needs is where most of your time configuring will be spent.