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This content (or portions thereof) describes ISBoxer 42! ISBoxer 42 is newly released, and we are working on updating parts of the documentation for the new version.

Finding the Interact with Target hotkey in WoW's in-game Key Bindings window

Interact with Target (IWT) is a configurable World of Warcraft hotkey. This hotkey can be set in the in-game Key Bindings window, in the Targeting section. There is no default hotkey configured for Interact with Target, it must be manually set!

The Interact with Target key binding does the same action that would otherwise be performed with a right click, including:

  • Attack
  • Loot
  • Open NPC window (merchant, quest giver, etc)

When combined with Click to Move, Interact with Target will also cause your character to face and move toward your target; This is an important feature for multiboxing, since it means less manual movement when doing the above activities. Your character will automatically stop moving if the action is performed (i.e. it reaches the target and "interacts"), but will not otherwise change direction or stop moving unless manually interrupted. Unfortunately, this limitation of the feature causes some undesirable side effects, especially in the cases where your target is moving, or your character otherwise slightly misses the target, because your character will continue running in that direction unless manually interrupted! Using the Interact with Target hotkey again will restart the process, where once again your character may stop moving or miss the target again, and this will continue as many times as you use the hotkey -- potentially making your character run circles around its target.

Common configurations

  • Standard
The Standard Mapped Key set up by the Quick Setup Wizard temporarily enables Click to Move in all but the current window, disabling it after performing the Interact with Target. (See Using the Standard Configuration for instructions)
  • Melee
A common (but not necessarily recommended) configuration for Melee characters will leave Click to Move permanently enabled, so that Interact with Target can be spammed with any DPS key(s). This is provided by ISBoxer 42 as "Auto-Interact with Target"
  • Ranged
A common configuration for ranged characters will Interact with Target when the Hotkey is pressed, and cause the character to stop moving when the Hotkey is released. This version is not meant to be spammed, as the movement may interrupt the ranged character's abilities. ISBoxer 42 provides this as "Face Toward Target"

Using the Standard Configuration

ISBoxer's Quick Setup Wizard sets up most of what you need to use the Interact with Target feature. However, World of Warcraft does not provide a default key binding. You will need to configure one now. In the game's Key Bindings options screen, scroll down to the Targeting section and find Interact with Target. It doesn't really matter what you set the key binding to, but I've found G to be convenient.

Watch the 60 second setup video

..... or follow the instructions below.

Configure the Key Binding in the game, in each window

Finding Interact with Target in the in-game Key Bindings window
  1. Enter the game
  2. Turn Key Maps off (Shift+Alt+M)
  3. Turn Repeater on (Shift+Alt+R)
  4. Open up the in-game menu with Video, Interface, Key Bindings and other options (Escape)
  5. Click on Key Bindings
  6. Locate the Interact with Target key binding, under Targeting
  7. Set the Interact with Target key binding to your desired key combination, such as 'G' (NOTE: don't use a mouse button here, as will probably be annoying and not work, or worse, only intermittantly work)
  8. Turn Repeater back off (Shift+Alt+R)
  9. Turn Key Maps back on (Shift+Alt+M)

Configure the Hotkey and Key Binding in ISBoxer

A completed Interact with Target Mapped Key, using the example Hotkey Alt+G
A completed Interact with Target Variable Keystroke, using the example Key Combination G

After setting up the key binding in the game (really, please do that first to avoid confusion), you will need to tell ISBoxer what key combination that is, and set up a Hotkey in ISBoxer itself, to perform the broadcast:

  1. In the top pane in ISBoxer, select ISB42 - Base Hotkeys under Key Maps
  2. In the bottom left pane, click on Interact with Target
  3. In the bottom right pane, at the top, is a Hotkey option. Click the < to pick a Hotkey. It can be the same key combo you selected in the game, but I personally use Alt+G instead of just G. This allows me to type using the G without having to turn the Key Map off first. Feel free to use a Mouse button here if you want to.
  4. In the top pane, select Variable Keystrokes
  5. In the bottom left pane, click on Interact with Target under Variable Keystrokes
  6. In the bottom right pane, at the top, is a Default Key Combination option. Click the < to pick a Key Combination. Note: this must be the same as the key configured in the game for Interact with Target, which is G in our example.

After you Export again and ISBoxer reloads the configuration in the game, your new IWT key should work. Target an NPC and press the new hotkey, and your characters should all interact with it.

Class Behavior

In World of Warcraft, Interact with Target behavior varies per class, not spec, when using it on a hostile target, and the following should be taken into consideration when using it, in combat.

Interact with Target Class Behavior
Death Knight No Restrictions
Demon Hunter No Restrictions
Druid No Restrictions
Hunter Runs into Auto-Shoot Range / Turns in Melee
Mage Runs into Wand Range / Turns in Melee
Monk No Restrictions
Paladin No Restrictions
Priest Runs into Wand Range / Turns in Melee
Rogue No Restrictions
Shaman No Restrictions
Warlock Runs into Wand Range / Turns in Melee
Warrior No Restrictions


  • No Restrictions: The character of that class will always run into melee range, with no additional restrictions, just as Interact with Target behaves when using it on a friendly target.
  • Turns in Melee: If a character of that class is in melee range, and is facing away from the hostile target, they will turn to face them.
  • Runs into ... Range: If outside of wand/auto-shoot range, a character of that class will face their target, run into wand/auto-shoot range, and stop. If already within wand/auto-shoot range, the character will not move or turn toward their target, unless additional behavior is listed.

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