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If you found the Quick Start Guide to be Too Long;Didn't Read, this guide is streamlined for you. Please try to get through it. Don't skip parts. It should only take you a few minutes to get through this entire guide. If it takes you more than a few minutes to do these simple tasks, then please talk to someone! We are here to help you.

Part 1: The Quick Setup Wizard

This walkthrough video for World of Warcraft demonstrates using the Quick Setup Wizard, as well as basic gameplay
The post-Quick Setup video walks through a range of helpful tips for getting started

Step 1 is to Use the Quick Setup Wizard to set up your team. Yes, really. If you are starting by reading some long and complicated guide you found searching forums, you are doing it wrong. Save that for later. Just run the Quick Setup Wizard. You can find it in the Wizards menu.

The Quick Setup Wizard will ask you to pick your characters from a list of those that ISBoxer could find from your World of Warcraft save files. It's okay if your characters are not in the list. You can just type in the information in the boxes on the right.

The Quick Setup Wizard will also ask you to pick a Window Layout. Just pick one. There's no wrong window layout. It's just going to mean you see more, or less, of the various game windows. And you can do a different one (or customize it further) later.

The last page of the wizard has a bunch of options that help set up various Hotkeys and Game Key Bindings. Pay particular attention to the broadcasting 1 through = options at the bottom of the Hotkeys tab; by default, a visible overlay (a Menu) for your Action Bar will be created, but you can opt to not use this Menu in favor of invisible Hotkeys instead.

ISBoxer 42: The last page of the wizard has undergone a revamp, and contains new options since this guide was written. However, the WoW-related settings and defaults are still roughly the same as before, with the exception that the visible overlay for your Action Bar is disabled by default. The Follow/Assist Mode should be set to the WoW option for you automatically ("Directly Follow/Assist current Slot (auto-generated WoW Macros)").

After running the Quick Setup Wizard, do an Export to Inner Space. You can find it in the File menu.

You are done with your initial ISBoxer setup. There is no more ISBoxer setup for the remainder of this guide. From here, it is designed to work like magic.

Part 2: Log in

After you have Exported to Inner Space, your Character Set should now be available for launching. To launch your team, use one of the following 3 methods:

  1. Right click Inner Space in the system notification area and, in the ISBoxer Character Sets sub-menu, select your Character Set (this is the recommended method)
  2. In the top left pane in ISBoxer, under Character Sets, right click your Character Set and select Launch
  3. To create a shortcut on your desktop to launch your team: In the top left pane in ISBoxer, under Character Sets, right click your Character Set and select Create desktop Launch shortcut

When you launch your Character Set, each instance of your game should come up, one after another.

Don't skip this part. If you skip this part, you are going to ask me why your password doesn't work. It's not going to work because Key Maps are enabled and you don't want your keys to be mangled when you're entering your password. You want to type in your password, not activate auto-assisting.

So, turn off Key Maps to enter your password. To do this, use the Shift+Alt+M hotkey, or click on the "A,Z" icon that starts out with green (activated) arrows.

If your password is the same on all accounts, you can enter your password in all windows at the same time via Key broadcasting. To do this, use the Shift+Alt+R hotkey, or click on the "A,A" icon that starts out with gray (deactivated) arrows.

If you have an Authenticator, you will need a separate Authenticator code in each window. The codes will only work in the order they were given to you by the Authenticator, so make sure that you actually use them when you put in each code.

Part 3: Make sure the ISBoxer Addon is not disabled

Don't skip this part either, especially if you disabled some WoW Addons. When you Exported to Inner Space, ISBoxer created an Addon called ISBoxer, just for you! (There is nothing you need to download to get this Addon, so don't go looking!) It sets up some WoW Macros, so that when you get into the game, ISBoxer can just work, like magic. If the ISBoxer Addon is not enabled in all of your windows, ISBoxer will not just work, and it will not feel magical when you are continuously ramming your head into the table and shouting profanities.

So, do us both a favor and make sure that the Addon called ISBoxer is not disabled, in each window. To check this, click the Addons button at the Character Selection screen in the game. It's in the lower left corner.

Part 4: Enter the game world

While you wait for the game world to come up, turn Key Maps back on (Shift+Alt+M), and broadcasting back off (Shift+Alt+R). Broadcasting should remain off except when you need to click through a quest window with all of your guys, or interact with other windows in the game all at the same time. Key Maps should remain on except when you need to use keys for typing in chat, or any other time you want to use your keys for something other than what ISBoxer has them mapped to do.

Part 5: Group up

Once the game world is up, invite your characters to a group. To do this, press Shift+Alt+I. ISBoxer should invite all of your toons to your group for you. If it doesn't, then either a) go back to Part 3 to make sure the ISBoxer Addon is not disabled, or b) go back to the first line of Part 4 where it says to turn Key Maps on and broadcasting off.

To accept the invite on all toons at once, you can temporarily turn broadcasting back on in order to click the Accept button, or various WoW Addons including EMA (Ebony's Multiboxer Assistant) can auto-accept the group invite for you.

Part 6: Follow!

Now, make your guys follow you. To do this, make sure Key Maps are enabled ("A,Z" has a green arrow) and press Alt+F. This will work from any window. You should make sure that it works from each window now. Go to each window and press the follow key, and watch your guys start to follow you.

If certain toons will not follow anyone, but a bag opens in their window instead, then go back to Part 3 and enable the ISBoxer Addon. (There is a central theme in the last few parts of this guide. Make sure the ISBoxer Addon is enabled. Seriously.)

If certain toons will not follow certain other toons, and the ISBoxer Addon is enabled, it is usually due to a key binding in the game set to use Shift+F11, Ctrl+F11, Alt+F11, Ctrl+Shift+F11. You can go into the game's Key Bindings screen, and find a key binding that is not configured -- a blank box. Any of them will do. Set it to Shift+F11, then Ctrl+F11, then Alt+F11, then Ctrl+Shift+F11, and then unbind it. This will clear out any keys that would interfere with auto-following up to 5 toons.

Part 7: Attack!

Let's go ahead and kill something. Here's how it works. The Quick Setup Wizard set up the default Action Bar hotkeys (1 through =) to make your guys auto-assist, and then press the button. So, using auto-follow, lead your group to a mob, a creature or a target dummy -- something you won't be too disappointed by if something doesn't work as you expected. Target the mob, and then start pressing any of the hotkeys 1 through =, and watch your guys target the same thing and press the same hotkeys. Like magic.

If you have other hotkeys you want to use during combat, that's fine. You can set up the same thing that 1 through = have later.

If you prefer to click instead of using hotkeys, it is more work to set that up (and ISBoxer can't automatically set that up for you) -- it's much easier for you to use the hotkeys, so just use the hotkeys to get started.

If you play multiple classes or specs, the easiest way to use this system is to put similar abilities on the same Hotkey. It also simplifies things to use standard /castsequence macros, which is really no different when multiboxing than playing solo.

Part 8: There is no part 8

That's it. You get your Basic Training certificate. You have every capability that you need in order to start multiboxing in World of Warcraft with ISBoxer.

There is plenty more you can learn about in order to improve your multiboxing experience, and make various tasks easier.

A few of the "next steps" after completing Basic Training

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