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This content (or portions thereof) describes ISBoxer 42! ISBoxer 42 is newly released, and we are working on updating parts of the documentation for the new version.

ISBoxer 42's Quick Setup Wizard includes options for MMO Party mechanics, including ways to Follow or Assist one or more of your Characters.

As described in the table below, there are methods for following/assisting a designated Main Character (or the Party Leader), or for following/assisting any of the Characters. Each method has its own pros and cons.

The best Follow/Assist Mode to use will depend on the game you're playing (different games provide different ways of targeting, following and assisting other players), and how much work you need/want to do to set up that mode in your game. Additionally, "auto-assist" (automatically assisting when broadcasting 1 through =, etc) may not function properly depending on the game and Follow/Assist Mode; if it is not working properly, simply disable auto-assist, and manually assist instead.

Follow/Assist Mode Details
None No action will be taken if the Hotkey is pressed
Directly Follow/Assist designated Main Character This option allows for easy, fool-proof configuration. Create a Hotkey in the game to /follow your designated main character, and another Hotkey to /assist him, then give those to ISBoxer under "Follow Main Character" and "Assist Main Character"
Target current Slot, then Follow/Assist Target This option allows following/assisting all slots, using in-game Party Targeting Hotkeys. This can be impractical/confusing in some games with wonky party lists (e.g. Star Wars The Old Republic), and breaks when others are in your party (or members are missing) -- in which case it is also possible to switch to another Follow/Assist method on the fly.
Target Party Leader, then Follow/Assist Target This option allows for easy configuration if a designated Hotkey in the game can target the Party Leader (or your designated main character), and another can Follow and another can Assist. Give those to ISBoxer under "Target Party Leader", "Follow Target" and "Assist Target"
Directly Follow/Assist current Slot (per-Slot Follow/Assist Key Bindings) This option allows following/assisting all slots, using a manually-configured in-game Macro for each Character. This can be tedious to configure if you have a lot of Characters. Give ISBoxer the entire list of custom Follow and Assist Hotkeys.
Directly Follow/Assist current Slot (Slot ID Modifiers) This option allows following/assisting all slots, using in-game Macros in a way that all Characters can follow with one key (plus some Modifiers) and assist with another key (plus some Modifiers). This is similar to the WoW option.
Directly Follow/Assist current Slot (auto-generated WoW Macros) This Mode is automatically selected by default for World of Warcraft. It will use generated Macros in the ISBoxer Addon to handle follow and assist for all Characters.

After the Quick Setup Wizard

Virtual Mapped Keys are used to set the Follow/Assist Mode. Those set as <NO MAPPED KEY> are disabled; in this screenshot, Auto-Interact and Auto-Assist are disabled. Most of the action occurs in the ISB42 - Party Key Map.

The selected Follow/Assist Mode will set up new Virtual Mapped Keys in your Character Set. This makes it simple to switch methods after using the Wizard, and even makes it possible to switch Follow/Assist methods on the fly (additional work required, using Mapped Key Virtualization Action).

Your selected Follow/Assist Mode may require certain Game Key Bindings be defined. These can be configured under "Variable Keystrokes" in the top left pane.

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