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This content (or portions thereof) describes ISBoxer 42! ISBoxer 42 is newly released, and we are working on updating parts of the documentation for the new version.

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This Key Map is created by the Quick Setup Wizard for all styles but Bare, and will be assigned to your Character Set. It contains no Hotkeys for you to press, and is therefore not toggled by the Hotkeys toggle (Shift+Alt+M). Its purpose is to provide mappings for Party-related mechanics, such as Follow, Assist, and Interact with Target. Mappings are pre-defined for all Follow/Assist Modes.

Mapped Keys

Mapped Keys in ISB42 - Party

There are basically 4 groups of Mapped Keys in ISB42 - Party:

  1. Follow
  2. Assist
  3. Interact with Target
  4. Invite Team

Each of these groupings has one or more "Active Methods" which are configured by Virtual Mapped Keys on your Character Set. Hotkeys should never be assigned to the "Active Methods", as each will do nothing unless it is virtualized, and performed by a different Mapped Key via Do Mapped Key Action. Instead, configure the appropriate Hotkeys in ISB42 - Base Hotkeys.

The "Active Methods" will typically point to one of the other Mapped Keys within its grouping. In the case of Follow and Assist, each of the Mapped Keys will correspond to a Follow/Assist Mode.

Interact with Target has 3 possible methods: Standard, Face Target, and Auto-Interact Standard. The main differences are that "Face Target" will attempt to step backwards instantaneously (in World of Warcraft and possibly others, this can be used to face toward the target without moving too far); and "Auto-Interact" will neither turn off Click-to-Move in WoW nor step backward, thus making it possible to chain into other Mapped Keys.

Invite Team only has one method implemented by default, which is a WoW Macro created by the ISBoxer Addon for World of Warcraft. For all other games, if you want an Invite Team Hotkey, you must currently create a Mapped Key.

See Also

Old Key Map

(ISBoxer 41)

New Key Map Purpose Toggled off by Shift+Alt+M?
Always On ISB42 - Always On For important Hotkeys that should always be available (i.e. not toggled off), such as the Key Maps toggle. It is not recommended to put Hotkeys in this Key Map except when the chosen Hotkey will not interfere with other things (like typing). NO
Non-combat ISB42 - Base Hotkeys Toggle-able general use Hotkeys (i.e. that are not specifically Combat related) Yes
Combat ISB42 - Combat Broadcast Hotkeys Toggle-able Hotkeys usually specifically related to Combat. This includes the Hotkeys for basic broadcasting of 1 through =. Note that the generated Hotkeys link to functions in ISB42 - Combat Broadcast. Yes
(none) ISB42 - Combat Broadcast This Key Map provides the actual broadcasting capabilities for both the ISB42 - Combat Broadcasting Hotkeys, and the ISB42 - Standard Broadcast Menu Button Sets. NO
(none) ISB42 - Party This Key Map provides actual capabilities for Party-related Hotkeys in ISB42 - Base Hotkeys, such as "Follow Me" and "Assist Me". All common methods of Follow and Assist Hotkeys are available and can be configured alongside each other. NO
(none) ISB42 - Toggles This Key Map provides actual capabilities for Toggle-related Hotkeys in ISB42 - Always On, such as "Activate Maps" and "Activate Repeat". NO
(none) ISB42 - WoW This Key Map provides actual capabilities for World of Warcraft-specific functions that ISBoxer can make use of, like turning Click to Move on and off for use with Interact with Target. NO
(none) ISB42 - Realm of the Mad God Only added when playing Realm of the Mad God, this contains helper functionality that is otherwise available in our ROTMG forum section NO
(none) ISB42 - Video FX Layout Only added when "Use Video FX" is enabled in the Window Layout section of the Quick Setup Wizard, this provides support for custom behaviors when mousing over Video FX Layout regions NO