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This content (or portions thereof) describes ISBoxer 42! ISBoxer 42 is newly released, and we are working on updating parts of the documentation for the new version.

An example of a completed Split Broadcasting toggle, with 3 independent broadcasting groups

This guide will set you in the right direction to "link" sets of windows together for Key broadcasting and/or Mouse broadcasting purposes. This is particularly popular for EVE Online, where multiboxing the game is mostly Mouse broadcasting- and Video FX-driven, and it is common to have a group of ships mining ore and others hauling the ore or standing guard for PVP.

The pieces

This video demonstrates several methods on how to setup Repeater to broadcast to only a select set of windows.

These are the pieces of ISBoxer that can be put together in different ways to achieve your desired result.

How to modify the default Broadcasting Toggle

One simple way to do this is to modify the default toggle!

The default broadcasting toggle is a Mapped Key called Activate Repeat (current window), found in the ISB42 - Toggles Key Map. (For Action RPG players (e.g. Diablo3), it is Activate Repeat (all windows)). This is actually triggered by a Mapped Key in the ISB42 - Always On key map

In Step 1(nb*) of this toggle, the Repeater Target for the current window is reset to the default, "Window: All w/o Current". This Repeater Target Action can be replaced by one or more others that adjust the Repeater Target to meet your needs. For example, you might adjust the Repeater Target for "Group (all of):Miner" to be "Group (others in):Miner", so that when you interact with any Miner window, it will broadcast only to the other Miners. Likewise, an additional Repeater Target Action can do the same for the Hauler group, so that when you interact with any Hauler window, it will broadcast only to the other Haulers; the two groups of windows (Haulers and Miners) will then broadcast independently from each other.

  1. In the top left pane in ISBoxer, under Key Maps, select "ISB42 - Toggles"
  2. In the bottom left pane, under Mapped Keys, expand Activate Repeat (current window) (or the "all windows" for an ARPG), so that under it you see Steps, 1 and 2
  3. Select the 1 under Steps(nb*), so that in the bottom right pane you now see Step, Actions and some Actions listed underneath it
  4. Right click "Actions" and, under Repeater Actions, select "New Repeater Target Action"
  5. Your Repeater Target Action is now ready to configure, to the right, with 3 options:
    1. Configure the "Target" to be who should be broadcasting to somewhere else, e.g. "Group (all of):Miner" to have Miners broadcast to other Miners
    2. Configure the "New Repeater Target" to be who should receive the broadcasts, e.g. "Group (others in):Miner" to have Miners broadcast to other Miners
    3. "Block buttons from originating window" should not be checked unless you want to prevent buttons from going to the current window.
  6. Repeat Steps 4-5 for each separate broadcasting group
  7. Don't forget to Export to Inner Space after making changes, to activate them!

(nb*) With Action RPGs (e.g. D3) the Steps in the Activate Repeater mapped key may be reversed. This occurs when you select an Action RPG template in the ISBoxer Quick Setup Wizard, which sets the Repeater/Broadcast function to be enabled by default when you start up your game. In other words, where it says Step 1, then this will be Step 2.

How to set up an Action Target Group

See Action Target Group

Using an alternative Hotkey

Modifying the default broadcasting Hotkey isn't always the best plan. Maybe you want to keep it, and use a different button to activate this different broadcasting mode. This is easy to do by making a copy of the original "Activate Repeat" Mapped Key, and then modifying the copy. Once the copy is made, follow the step-by-step instructions from the previous instruction to change the copy.

Step-by-step making a copy to change
  1. In the top left pane in ISBoxer, under Key Maps, select "Always On" (For World of Warcraft players, select the Control Key Map instead.)
  2. In the bottom left pane, under Mapped Keys, right click Activate Repeat (Shift+Alt+R) and select Make Copy
  3. In the bottom left pane, under Mapped Keys, select Copy of Activate Repeat (Shift+Alt+R) so that to the right you see a configurable Hotkey box
  4. Click the < to change the Hotkey for your Copy, so that you don't have Shift+Alt+R assigned to both Mapped Keys!
  5. You can rename "Copy of Activate Repeat" either by pressing F2 after selecting it, or by right clicking the Mapped Key and selecting "Rename"
  6. Follow the steps from "How to modify the default Broadcasting Toggle" to modify your Copy instead of the original

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