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Supported Games

This content (or portions thereof) describes ISBoxer 42! ISBoxer 42 is newly released, and we are working on updating parts of the documentation for the new version.

ISBoxer is premium multiboxing software designed to support OpenGL and DirectX 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 games, and DirectDraw and DirectX 1-7 are supported by way of dgVoodoo, although each game operates a little bit differently and may have its own quirks.

The list below contains games that have been tested and the results recorded at the time they were last tested.
* It is possible a game's status will change before the list below is updated. These are not tested every day!

Games not listed have a good chance of working!* 

* They just need to be tested by someone. Perhaps that someone is you! If the game happens to incorporate an "anti cheat", which tend to indiscriminately block all programs regardless, then it may not work.

Some games do have various guard programs, some of these work with Inner Space, and some do not. InnerSpace and ISBoxer make no attempt to "work around" various "protection" methods that are implemented into some games as this is usually a breach of most EULA's and is not what ISBoxer is about. Games listed here with protections methods are purely because people ask about them so we keep a list.

Android Emulators are not currently compatible with ISBoxer/Inner Space.
Any game that uses Easy Anti-cheat will not work. They have a list here

Note: We do not test non-official variations of games/servers, so they will not be reflected on this list unless a user has let us know that it works. This does not imply that non-official servers are being endorsed.

We do not actively test every game in this list all the time; the team is not that big. This means it is possible that a game will "break" due to an update made to the game that we are not aware of. If it doesn't work and crashes then come to the support channels (Discord/Forums) to report the issue.

Game Working? Notes
Age of Conan (AoC)   Maybe    
Age of Wushu   Yes   Multiple PCs Required / WIP  
Aion Classic Yes    
Aion NA Yes    
Aion EU Yes    
Aion RU Maybe Unspecified Anti-Cheat
Albion Online   Maybe   Reported working as of June 2024
Allods Online Yes Need to point at MGLauncher for the launcher and not the game specific icon.
Anarchy Online (AO) Yes   New Game Engine Only
ArcheAge No   Easy Anti-Cheat
ArcheAge: Unchained (Kakao) No   Easy Anti-Cheat
Asheron's Call (AC1) Yes Officially Shut Down Jan 31, 2017
Asheron's Call 2 (AC2) Yes Officially Shut Down Jan 31, 2017
Atlantica Online Maybe   XIGNCODE3
Battlestar Galactica Online Maybe  
Black Desert Online Maybe   XIGNCODE3
Blade and Soul Yes  
Champions Online Yes    
City of Heroes (COH) Yes Setup Instructions
Conqueror's Blade Maybe
Crowfall   Yes    
Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC) Yes    
Dark Age of Camelot - Uthgard No "Multiboxing is not allowed."  
Darkfall: New Dawn Maybe Broadcasting Issue: Diagonal Movement  
DC Universe (DCU)   Yes   Broadcasting Issue: Cursor Position  
DeusEx (GOTYE on GOG)   Yes   Need this DirectX9 renderer
Drop the files in the System folder, reset the rendering device, and choose the DirectX9 render.
Also need to copy the DeusEx.exe and have that as a second added game. After that, make sure it is not in Fullscreen. Ini file settings are, UseFullscreen=False, CaptureMouse=False, StartupFullScreen=False
Works best with a tiled setup with the game resolution the same res as the Window Layout tile
Diablo 2 (D2) No DirectX 7 (may work with dgVoodoo)
Diablo 2: Resurrected (D2R) Yes
Diablo 3 (D3) Yes
Diablo Immortal (DI) Yes
DOTA Maybe
DOTA 2   Maybe   Needs to be in dx11. Can force this with with the -dx11 parameter  
Dragona Maybe   X-Trap
Dragons Nest Maybe   XIGNCODE3
Drakensang Online Yes
Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO)   Yes  
Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO)   Yes  
Dungeon Fighter Online Maybe   HackShield
Earth & Beyond   Testing   Multiple Client Issue - WIP  
Earthrise   Testing   DirectX Launch Issue - WIP  
Echo Of Soul Maybe   '
Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)   Yes   Not Recommended:
Elyon Maybe   XIGNCODE3
Entropia Universe Maybe
EverQuest (EQ1)   Yes    
EverQuest 2 (EQ2)   Yes    
EVE Online   Yes   Broadcasting Disabled
Fallout76 Yes
Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) Maybe WIP - Requires Inner Space Compatibility Update  
Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV)   Yes    
Flyff Online Maybe
Fortnite Maybe   BattleEye
Genshin Impact Maybe   Mihoyo Protect
Grim Dawn   Maybe   WIP
Growtopia   Not yet   '
Guild Wars   Yes   Broadcasting Disabled
Guild Wars 2   Yes   Broadcasting Disabled
GW2 Policy
Hearthstone Yes
Heroes of the Storm Yes Use Support64\HeroSwitcher_x64.exe
Knight Online No   Xigncode (tested 9/2022)
Kritika Maybe  
Leafling Online   Yes    
League of Legends Maybe
Legends of Aria (LoA)   Yes    
Lineage 2 (L2) Yes    
Lineage 2 EU Classic Maybe   Frost
Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)   Yes    
Lost Ark No   Easy Anti Cheat
Maple Story   No   NGS Appears to have been added or updated since 2017
Maple Story 2   Maybe   closed permanently May 2020 - May still be in service in Korea and China
Marvel Heroes   Yes   Officially Shut Down Dec, 2017
Metin 2 Maybe   HackShield
Minecraft   Yes (OpenGL)   You will need Minecraft.exe from
You may be able to use another install too. You will need the install this, and this will provide the MinecraftLauncher.exe. This is what will be used to launch. Requires Inner Space update to fix broadcasting and input.
MiR4   Yes    
Mortal Online   Untested   Incompatible with 64-bit OS  
Neverwinter   Yes    
New World No   Easy Anti-Cheat
Nodiatis   Yes    
Nostale Maybe  
Path of Exile (PoE)   Yes (see note)   Broadcasting Disabled
GGG Policy
Pathfinder Online (Beta)   Yes    
Perfect World Maybe   HackShield
Perpetuum   Yes    
Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) Maybe  
Pirates of the Burning Sea (POTBS)   Yes    
PlanetSide 2 (PS2)   Nope   BattleEye Tested 4/May/2023  
PokeOne No   Not Allowed - From #in_game_rules of their Discord Server
Ragnarok Online (Warpportal) No   Easy Anti-Cheat
Ragnarok Online 2 (Warpportal) Unknown Probably not
Ragnarok Online (Ragnachan) Maybe   Gepard Shield
Rappelz Maybe   hangs when tabbing out
Realm of the Mad God EXalt (RotMG)   Yes    
Realm of the Mad God (RotMG)   Yes   Required: HOWTO:Multibox_a_flash_game  
Red Stone Online Maybe   X-Trap
Revelation Online   Maybe   Launch Issues  
RF Online (Rising Force Online) No   Easy Anti-Cheat
Riders of Icarus Maybe  
RIFT   Yes    
Roblox   No   Browser support required
ROSE Online No Note: No Assist/Follow methods.
Reported actively blocked by publisher 11/Nov/2018
ROSE Online - ARUARose No Note: No Assist/Follow methods.
Reported actively blocked by publisher 11/Nov/2018
Runes of Magic (RoM)   Yes?   WIP  
Runescape (OSRS)   No (Maybe)   An OpenGL client might work. You need to run as per other OpenGL games. E.g. fullscreen, videofx  
Ryzom Yes   Direct3D Mode Required
Second Life Maybe
Secret World Legends (Beta)   Maybe    
Skyforge Yes
Spiral Knights Maybe WIP
StarCraft 2 Maybe
Star Trek Online (STO) Yes At Own Risk: PWE has a strict single-client policy for this game.
Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) Yes
Star Wars Galaxies EMU   Yes  
Swordsman Online Yes
Terraria Yes
Tibia Maybe BattleEye
The Infinite Black (Steam)   Yes  
Torchlight 2   Yes  
Tree of Savior (ToS) Yes Non-KR Version (Setup Instructions)
Trove   Yes  
Ultima Online (UO) Yes Enhanced Client
Uncharted Waters Online (UWO) Maybe
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes   Yes Officially Shut Down
Villagers and Heroes   Yes    
Warhammer Online (WAR) Yes Officially Shutdown December 18, 2013  
Warhammer Online (ROR) No Policy indicates multiboxing is not tolerated  
Warspear Yes
War of the Immortals Maybe
WildStar   Yes   Officially Shutdown November 2018
Wizard 101 Yes
Wizardry Online (WO)   Untested   US/EU Servers shut down July 31, 2014  
Wolcen   Yes  
World of Tanks   Yes  
World of Warships   Yes  
World of Warcraft (WoW)   Yes No Input Broadcasting
World of Warcraft Classic (All Versions)   Yes No Input Broadcasting