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Multiboxing EverQuest with ISBoxer. Image by ISBoxer user Alge, from a post on the ISBoxer.com forums.

EverQuest is one of "the original" MMORPGs, by Sony Online Entertainment.

EverQuest is fully supported by the ISBoxer multiboxing software. Use our Quick Start Guide for EverQuest to get started multiboxing this game.

We have a new chat room available for you to discuss EverQuest with other multiboxers!

Compatibility with other Lavish Software products


EQPlayNice may not be necessary when using ISBoxer, particularly with multi-CPU systems. The only benefit of EQPlayNice that is not built into ISBoxer is the Rendering Limiting feature of EQPlayNice, which reduces CPU and GPU usage while increasing framerate (this will improve auto-follow performance in EverQuest 1). The main problem with the Rendering Limiting feature is that it causes undesirable "flickering" in non-focused (i.e. background) windows. This flickering is due to EQPlayNice allowing the game's GUI to render, while preventing the game world from rendering the majority of the time.

If you do want to run EQPlayNice with ISBoxer, you will need to disable either ISBoxer's FPS limiting (per Slot in your Character Set), or EQPlayNice's FPS limtiing (not the same as Rendering Limiting). If both FPS limiters are enabled, the game is likely to perform slower than desired.


ISBoxer generates multiboxing configuration for Inner Space, which is a platform similar to -- and incompatible with -- WinEQ. In other words, there is no way to run ISBoxer with WinEQ.

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