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This walkthrough video demonstrates setting up a MMO - Pro configuration
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ISBoxer's Pro Configuration style is a relatively new concept based on the guide HOWTO: Configure ISBoxer like a pro. It makes use of some advanced features of ISBoxer, such Key Map Virtualization, to make it easier to support complex or mixed teams in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Lord of the Rings Online, and pretty much any other game with a similar style of play.

ISBoxer 41 builds much of the work for setting up the Pro Configuration into the Quick Setup Wizard; see Style:MMO - Pro.

Features of Pro Configuration

Before we get to the list, I'll give you the basic idea. With a little bit of (possibly time-consuming) planning on your ISBoxer configuration, you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble when playing the game, and also when making changes to your configuration later. The Pro Configuration is a collection of these shortcuts that have already been community-tested, and proven ideal for a wide range of gameplay in many games..

Some of the best parts about Pro Configuration
  • Few buttons to learn in order to play. The same buttons will work in different games!
  • Easy to replace any character in any team with any other, without having to learn new buttons
  • You can also use your Pro configuration for solo play for the same benefits!
  • Easy to add new classes and roles
  • Possible to switch roles (e.g. character specializations) on the fly

Concepts in the Pro Configuration

Here's a rough overview of Pro Configuration
  1. Built into ISBoxer 41's Quick Setup Wizard: A set of abstract Universal Hotkeys is defined for each of various gameplay mechanics, such as DPS, Area DPS, Stun, Taunt, and so on. For example, pressing "1" might do DPS and pressing "3" might do Stun.
  2. Built into ISBoxer 41's Quick Setup Wizard: The Universal Hotkeys use placeholders to do those things (DPS, Stun, Taunt) without knowing what class-specific abilities -- if any -- will be activated.
  3. A Key Map is created for each implementation of the Universal Hotkeys. For example, a Priest character will implement Stun differently than a Warrior, and may not Taunt at all.
  4. Built into ISBoxer 41's Quick Setup Wizard: Key Map Virtualization is used to point the Universal Hotkeys at their implementations (override the placeholders), so that when you press your "Stun" button, the right ability is used in the right window!

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