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All Death Knights, regardless of specialization, get this (Pre-MoP) WoW Macro Set that defines each available ability

For the World of Warcraft Pro Configuration, a WoW Macro Set is created for each class, to make each class-specific ability available to ISBoxer. World of Warcraft macros are created via the WoW Macro Library, found under Game Helpers in the top left pane in ISBoxer.

Designing class-specific macro sets

The Pro Config concept is designed around being able to use any of your character's abilities as needed.

We use a WoW Macro Set to define all of the abilities available to a particular class (e.g. Priest), and each of the WoW Macros gets a Key Combination assigned so that ISBoxer can activate the ability on demand. There are hundreds of usable Key Combinations available for WoW Macros, so it is not really necessary to pare the list down by talent specialization; actually, including abilities from every spec makes it easier to switch specs (and/or roles) on the fly.

Designing WoW Macros

If you are not familiar with World of Warcraft's macro system, it might help to check out the Macro article on WoWPedia. We will focus on the parts that are special to ISBoxer; see our main WoW Macros article for that.

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