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ISBoxer 40 is released as of 2012-01-21.

New features in ISBoxer 40

A quick demonstration of some of ISBoxer 40's new Video FX features
  • Video FX
    • The in-game ISBoxer Control Panel now also has an 'Other Window Sources' drop-down option, which allows you to create a Video FX Source using nearly any window (browser, media player, etc!) on your PC. Mouse and keyboard pass-through works to these types of Sources, but each application may interpret input differently. As a community we will discover and make a list of the best software to use this feature with!
    • The in-game ISBoxer Control Panel now has a drop-down box with currently available Sources, when you are creating a Viewer. Selecting a Source from this box will automatically fill in the name and size boxes for you!
    • Video FX Views will now be temporarily disabled while the in-game ISBoxer Control Panel is open, except when you hold Ctrl. The ISBoxer Control Panel and Video FX Editor windows are now also "Always On Top" to make them more easily accessible.
    • Video FX Viewers now show informative text when inactive, instead of just a confusing green box.
    • The Target box for mouse and keyboard pass-through is now gone and will automatically go to the source window when enabled
    • Each Video FX Viewer can optionally enable the Video FX Focus hotkey, which is a new Character Set option. Using this Hotkey, while over a Viewer with it enabled, will activate (swap to, bring foreground, etc) its source window.
    • Video FX interactivity is now suspended while the ISBoxer Control Panel is open, to help simplify configuration
    • A Video FX Source can now be cropped from a Video FX Viewer while the ISBoxer Control Panel is open. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left Click and drag from the new upper left corner, to the new bottom right corner. The Viewer will also instantly crop to the dragged area!
  • Variable Keystrokes
  • Other variables
  • ISBoxer GUI improvements
    • Tabbed pages have replaced some of the old pages (that might have seemed "hidden") to help keep the GUI cohesive, and to help reduce clutter. For example, "Virtual Mapped Keys" is now a tab where available (instead of a separate item) for Characters and Character Sets; and the Slot page is split into multiple tabs.