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Release Notes

  • User Interface
    • ISBoxer now restores the last window placement and horizontal splitter position
  • Character Sets
    • New option 'Launch each Character ____ seconds after another is ready'. ISBoxer will delay this number of seconds after each window is ready before launching the next one. Defaults to 1 second
    • New option 'In-game Inner Space console hotkey'. If unchecked, the default console hotkey is used (` if you have it, otherwise F12). To disable the hotkey entirely, check the box and leave the hotkey blank (or select <NO KEY>)
    • New option 'Hide FPS (framerate) indicator'
  • Window Layouts
    • When generating a Window Layout through the available wizards or the auto-layout button, the screen used as the main screen can now be changed
    • Window Layout is now (re)applied when Exporting or reloading from the in-game ISBoxer control panel
    • The code that runs window layouts while playing has been redesigned. This fixes a lot of bugs including issues with minimizing and windows not coming back after deactivating, as well as providing the base for new functionality
    • New option 'Focus follows mouse' available when Swap is not set to Always
    • New option 'only deactivate for game windows' available when Swap is set to Always
    • New option 'Instant swap' (enabled by default) can be disabled to improve performance and make all windows 'readable' at the cost of window swapping speed and mouse broadcasting
  • New Mapped Key Actions
    • Window Focus Action: Switch to another window
    • Window State Action: Change the state of target window(s), e.g. to its foreground or background style
    • Window Style Action: Change a style of target window(s), e.g. change the settings used for the foreground region. Does not apply the state to the window.
  • Click Bars
    • Click Bar Buttons can now be linked to a Mapped Key to hold when the mouse is over the button, and release when the mouse leaves the button. A "pressed or released" Mapped Key, therefore, will perform a Step when entering, and a Step when leaving
  • Repeater Regions
    • Repeater Regions can now be linked to a Mapped Key to hold while the mouse is in the region, and release when the mouse leaves the region. A "pressed or released" Mapped Key, therefore, will perform a Step when entering, and a Step when leaving
  • EverQuest
    • If eqclient.ini is virtualized, ISBoxer now tries to verify that the game is in windowed mode, and offers to correct it if not
  • World of Warcraft
    • ISBoxer will now offer to correct the resolution stored in Config.WTF to match your Window Layout. This will correct the game's appearance (see before and after pictures), may show immediate performance gains, and may affect UI window positioning (so Repeater Regions may need to be repositioned)
    • Quick Setup Wizard changes
      • The Interact with Target mapped key now also auto-assists first
      • The Toggle Jamba Follow Strobing mapped key now also disables strobing on character switch (if enabled) until toggled back on
      • The Control key map now makes better use of Do Mapped Key Action to reuse functionality, e.g. by splitting JambaStrobe Off and JambaStrobe On into their own Mapped Keys
      • The Click to Move mapped keys are moved to the Control key map
    • WoW Macro Action changes
      • FTL conditionals, e.g. from the {FTL} variable, now include linked Character Sets
      • New variables for linked Character Sets, prefixing certain existing variables with SET#, as in {SLOT#} becomes {SET#SLOT#} where the # are replaced by numbers. {SET#} gives the name of a linked Character Set. The main Character Set is always 1, and all linked sets follow in the order shown under Also Launch. Example: {SET1SLOT1} is slot 1 of the main Character Set, and {SET2SLOT3} is slot 3 of the 2nd Character Set.
      • ISBoxer will now pop up a detailed message preventing Export if Use FTL Modifiers is enabled for a Mapped Key, and that Mapped Key has a WoW Macro Action that uses a Key Combination with modifiers that conflict with selected FTL Modifiers.

Build #36 Minor Update #1 - 2010-06-02

  • Key Maps
    • Fixed bug with \ "" and ] keys
  • Multiple Computer Helper
    • Fixed bug when stopping and restarting the helper
    • Fixed bug when Exporting to a specific Computer
  • Window Layouts
    • Fixed bug when Swap is disabled

Build #36 Minor Update #2 - 2010-06-05

  • EverQuest
    • Fixed some Window Layout related issues, including ResetDevice error at startup
    • ISBoxer will now attempt to sync the game resolution (in eqclient.ini) to your Window Layout
  • Character Sets
    • New menu option "Launch" available from the right-click menu on each Character Set
    • New menu option "Create desktop Launch shortcut" available from the right-click menu on each Character Set. This will generate a shortcut on your Windows desktop to launch your Character Set
  • Key Maps
    • New menu option "Many New Mapped Keys" available from the right-click menu on "Mapped Keys" lets you quickly and painlessly create many Mapped Keys at once with similar properties (e.g. 1 key to 1 key)
    • New menu option "Import from other software" available from the right-click menu on "Mapped Keys" lets you quickly generate Mapped Keys from an existing configuration from one of 2 other multiboxing programs
  • Repeater
    • Repeater white/black lists are now easier to create, with a box to press keys in to automatically add to the list
  • Window Layouts
    • New option for the "always on top" feature to disable always on top when a non-game window is focused (enabled by default). When enabled, switching to any game window should bring all inactive windows to the top, and switching to any non-game window should drop the inactive windows behind it