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This content (or portions thereof) describes ISBoxer 42! ISBoxer 42 is newly released, and we are working on updating parts of the documentation for the new version.


A Video FX Layout is a specialized Window Layout that uses Video FX to show inactive windows. It will look essentially the same as a non-Video FX Window Layout, but will operate somewhat differently.

Key differences from a normal Window Layout
  • Game windows do not actually move or resize during operation. They are all the same size and in the same position, just over the top of each other.
    • This provides important benefits for any game that is negatively affected by attempting to shrink the game windows, including Dark Age of Camelot, as well as and Minecraft and other OpenGL games
    • This also means you can use Video FX within your game windows for other purposes, without it appearing poor quality due to scaling differences
  • Focus Follows Mouse will be enabled, regardless of the setting shown in the Window Layout. This facilitates your ability to interact with the Video FX views in a way similar to the way you would interact with an actual game window in its place, without having to click on it first to activate it, and then interact with it. The Video FX views are fully interactive, meaning you can mouse in and quickly type, click, interact and so on without swapping the game window to the main area.
  • To switch windows by clicking, we use the "Video FX Focus (switch to window) hotkey" which is Alt+Mouse1 by default, configurable in your Character Set (or during the Quick Setup Wizard on the Configuration Style page, if "advanced" options are enabled). This can be configured to Mouse1, but note that will also affect all other Video FX with the "Enable Video FX hotkey" option enabled.


This walkthrough video, by MiRai, demonstrates how to configure and use a VFX Layout, as well as explain why using one may be necessary.

Before you can use a Video FX Layout:

  1. Video FX must work on your version of Windows. If you're using Windows 8/8.1/10 or later, it definitely does work. Otherwise, this is available on Windows Vista/7 only if Aero (aka "DWM") is enabled in Windows.
  2. The DxNothing "Game" must be added to Inner Space; ISBoxer will automatically do this for you as needed, so the following steps should not be necessary:
    1. Right click the Inner Space icon in your system tray (notification area) and select Add Game.
    2. For the name field, put dxNothing (or DxNothing)
    3. For the game executable, point it at dxNothing.exe, which will be in your Inner Space folder (typically c:\program files (x86)\innerspace).
    4. Click OK.


Another video with a more advanced take on setting up your own custom VFX Layouts.

The Quick Setup Wizard and Window Layout Wizard can both fully configure a Window Layout as a Video FX Layout. When selecting a Window Layout Style, first set "Use Video FX" in the properties pane on the right to "True"; this (and other changes in the properties pane) will reset the styles drop-down. Then set the Leave a hole option to true; You must use a Leave a hole style layout for this option. Then select any Window Layout Style from the drop-down that includes smaller sized regions for swapping -- that is to say, some styles such as Full Screen Stacked will not actually function as Video FX Layouts. That's really all there is to it. When the Wizard is completed, your Character Set will now include one or more additional DxNothing Characters to support the Video FX Layout.

In the Window Layout editor (when selecting your Window Layout in the top left pane under Window Layouts), "Use Video FX to show inactive windows" will be checked for you by the Wizard. Otherwise, the Window Layout should appear as though no extra DxNothing Characters (and Regions for them) exist for the Video FX Layout. It is possible to skip using the Wizard and tick this box on your own, but you will need to manually add a DxNothing Character to your Character Set, and ensure that it is configured as "DxNothing" under the "ISBoxer can provide additional features" drop-down.

If you want to use one or more other DxNothing windows in your Character Set for another purpose, and you are using a Video FX Layout, you will want your other DxNothing windows configured as "Other" game, and not "DxNothing" under the "ISBoxer can provide additional features" drop-down. This will ensure the Window Layout does not think your other DxNothing window should be used to display the Video FX Layout!

Operation and Window Switching

Operating your Video FX Layout will feel a little different than a non-Video FX Layout, but actually operates more fluidly because the windows are never moving or resizing at all.

Interacting with the window in the main area will work as expected, but mousing into the Video FX Layout area may come with surprises. Mousing into a Video FX View of any window will immediately control the window, within the view -- there is no need to initially click to focus in order to begin typing or clicking. Because of the control feature, clicking on a Video FX View will not swap by default; rather, Alt+Mouse1 (Left click) will swap the window to the front. This is configurable in your Character Set as "Video FX Focus (switch to window) hotkey". Otherwise, all of the usual window switching Hotkeys (Next window, per-Slot hotkeys, etc) should work fine to switch between game windows.

Customizing mouseover behaviors

See ISB42 - Video FX Layout

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