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Editing a Screenshot Action

A Screenshot Action captures a Screenshot and stores it in the Inner Space Screenshots folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\InnerSpace\Screenshots). Images can be encoded in BMP, PNG, or JPG (JPEG) formats, and screenshots can be taken of the full desktop, just the game window, or a specified region.

The DirectX-based capture option

Many of the Screenshot options are linked to the DirectX-based capture checkbox.

With DirectX-based capture (checked)
  • Can only capture the game window
  • Cannot capture Video FX
  • Full resolution screenshots can be taken of scaled-down windows
  • Additionally supports JPG image encoding
Without DirectX-based capture (unchecked)
  • Can capture the entire desktop
  • Captures Video FX, overlapping windows, etc
  • Screenshots taken of scaled-down windows will be as seen on-screen (scaled down)
  • Does not support JPG image encoding

Filename template

The filename template supports the following variables:

  • {SLOT}

The image encoding will automatically be appended as the filename extension (.bmp, .png, .jpg) and should not be included in the filename template.

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