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Configuring an Action Timer in ISBoxer 39

Many types of Actions that do not generate keystrokes, cursor movement, etc (any kind of input events) are now allowed to have timer functionality. This enables, for example, recurring Popup Text warnings, automatically rotating between sets of Video FX, and much more!

Action Timer fields

  • Enable Timer: Unless you check this box, you won't be setting a timer for your Action. It's up to you!
  • Delay ___ seconds: The interval of the timer, to tenths of seconds. The Action will happen when the time is up
  • Auto-recurring: Check this box to have the timer automatically re-start, to fire again, when the time is up
  • Timer group: This identifies your timer, or a group of them, in order to be managed (e.g. cancelled) later by a Timer Group Action or to limit the number of active timers
    • Maximum number of timers in group: When set to 0, any number of timers may be in this group. Otherwise, the timer group is treated as a queue with this many available positions for the soonest-firing timers. Any timed action in this group, including another instance of this action, may be added to the queue until it fills. For typical usage, you may want to set this to 1.

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