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This video by MiRai details the use of the Window Layout generator in the wizard
Editing a Window Layout in ISBoxer 38

A Window Layout defines window appearance and behavior for associated Character Sets.


  • Regions define possible window positions
  • Slots (Characters from your Character Sets), may be assigned a Home Region, where they will typically stay
  • Swap Groups define placement rules, such as the Active Region where an activated Slot should swap to for a "Main" area, for groups of Regions
  • One Roaming Slot, having no Home Region, can be set per Swap Group. The Roaming Slot, if one is configured, will borrow a Home Region when another window takes its place in the Active Region. This setting is used for squeezing more windows into fewer Regions.
  • A Reset Region can be set per Swap Group, with Instant Swap enabled, to try to adjust the actual game resolution

Creating a Window Layout

Window Layout style generator
Using the Preferred edge option changes where the smaller windows will line up for most styles

There are multiple ways to make a Window Layout. It is recommended to start with a style generated by the Quick Setup Wizard or Window Layout Wizards, and manually adjust them as needed. The wizards provide a variety of styles to choose from, and some common modifications to those styles are also built in as options.

Window Layout Wizard

There are two ways to access the Window Layout Wizard, both requiring you to have a Character Set already created. If you right click on Window Layouts in the top pane and select Window Layout Wizard, you will then need to select the Character Set to base the new Window Layout on. Or, you can select your Character Set in the top pane, right click on Window Layout in the bottom left pane and select Window Layout from there; This way will take you straight to the Window Layout generator page.

Window Layout generator

The Window Layout generator is available from both the Quick Setup Wizard and the Window Layout Wizard.

The main area on the Window Layout generator page shows a preview of the selected Window Layout. The drop-down box above the preview has a generated set of styles matching the generator properties selected to the right. Each generator property has a description that can be read at the bottom of the properties panel, and above the property area is a brief description of the Window Layout. The Wizard can be resized and the description box at the bottom of the properties pane can be made larger, if you need more visibility.

We recommend first browsing the available styles, and then making adjustments to properties. Adjusting properties will reset the drop-down box with new versions of the available styles for you to browse.

Modifying a Window Layout

Rollover options
Regions page
Slots tab
Swap Groups tab


  • A Character Set may be assigned a Window Layout to apply the layout when playing that Character Set
  • A Monitor layout is permanently stored with the Window Layout

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