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The Diagnostics window was introduced in ISBoxer 39
MiRai demonstrates how to grab ISBoxer's Diagnostics.

ISBoxer provides a handy Diagnostics tool for providing useful information to us, in the event that your game, or its launcher, hangs or crashes when launched through Inner Space. Specifically, it provides a list of processes running on your system, and a list of modules loaded inside a specific process -- your game or its launcher.

Diagnostics do not deliberately include any personally identifiable information*, nor anything that can be used to find or hack your computer.
A diagnostic includes:

  1. which version of ISBoxer generated the diagnostics
  2. which version of windows you are using
  3. a list of running programs on your computer, their executable file path, the process id (this is a random number which changes every time you run the program)
  4. settings to indicate whether a process is running as admin and whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit
  5. the loaded libraries/assemblies used by the process you select from the list

- * it will most likely include your computer username in some of the executable file paths, which might include your real name. You can use notepad or some other text editor to remove this if you are concerned.

How to provide us with your diagnostics (see how in a 60 second GIF)

  1. Launch your game as it would normally run, without ISBoxer or Inner Space. If the launcher is what is crashing, open just the launcher. Otherwise, get past the launcher so that the game window is open.
  2. In ISBoxer's Help menu, select Diagnostics -> Compatibility Diagnostics
  3. In the Running processes drop-down box, select the game or its launcher (from step 1). If you hadn't launched the game or launcher yet, click the Refresh button once you have opened it.
  4. Click Generate Diagnostic report, and Copy it to Clipboard
  5. Go to the pastebin.com or alternatively zerobin.net or ybin.me
  6. Paste the Diagnostic report in the text entry area
  7. Select any options on the bottom (such as when to expire), and click Save Paste
  8. Give us the Paste URL
    • or, right click the Download link, select Copy Link Location, and paste this URL to us
If you aren't sure where to give us the link, it might be time to go to the ISBoxer Chat Room, ISBoxer Discord or the ISBoxer Forums!