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MiRai's walkthrough video demonstrates how to set up an Other Window Source

An "Other Window Source" is to allow a Video FX View to be created for a browser window or other non-game window.

Creating an Other Window Source

  1. In game, bring up the in-game ISBoxer Control Panel (by default, this is usually Ctrl+Shift+Alt+G)
  2. Select the Video FX tab in the ISBoxer Control Panel you opened in Step 1 (you did read Step 1, didn't you?)
  3. The drop-down box at the top has a selection between Source or Viewer. In this case you want Other Window Source.
  4. In the drop-down box directly below the size and position boxes, select a window to configure a Source from.
  5. Type in the name of the VFX.
  6. You can manually set the initial size and location of the VFX source within the window if desired, or manually crop the source later through a Viewer.
  7. Click Add.
  8. You're done adding a new Video FX Source, you now need to add a Viewer if you want to view your new Source.

If your Other Window is not showing in the Other Window Source list, make sure it is not minimized. When it is not minimized switch away from "Other Window Sources" and back to it to refresh the list. Some applications have been known not to show up if they were minimized when Inner Space was started, and won't show up until the window is restored and Inner Space is restarted.

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