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Editing an Input Device Key Set Action

An Input Device Key Set Action, new in ISBoxer 38.2.401.1 and requiring Inner Space build 5404 or later, can change how ISBoxer interprets controls on a natively supported Input Device. This is similar to the way that Logitech G-series keyboards keep separate banks of Hotkeys, with additional buttons specifically intended to be used for switching banks -- essentially adding new buttons to your existing devices. These new buttons can be selected in any ISBoxer Hotkey box!

A Key Set is the term used to describe the different sets of buttons on your Input Device. Imagine physically removing the buttons, and replacing them with new buttons that have different names and behaviors from the original. This is what a Key Set does, except in software. Your input devices can have any number of Key Sets, configured through the Inner Space Input Device Editor. This editor is available both from a link in this Action (as pictured to the right), or from the File menu.

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