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Using the Console to test buttons on input devices!

To see if/how your input device is working with Inner Space

This will also help you find out the names of each button

  1. Download buttontest.iss (attached to this forum post) and place in the SCRIPTS folder of your Inner Space installation -- typically C:\Program Files\InnerSpace\Scripts
  2. Right click the IS icon in the system tray and select Console
  3. In the Uplink window that comes up (this is the main IS window) there is a Console window, it might be hiding behind a patcher window, but click on the Console window
  4. Enter the command "run buttontest" with no quotes; the buttontest script should begin to run. If not, it will say runscript failed.
  5. Click OFF of the Console window, e.g. in the black area of the uplink window, but do not close or hide the console window
  6. Press buttons and observe the spam in the Console window for the names of the buttons you press. If you push a button and it does NOT spam, this means it is not natively supported by IS/ISBoxer.

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