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This article will guide you through requesting native support for your special Input Device buttons.

Before downloading the data collection tool

First, make sure your device is not already natively supported, by checking the Supported Input Devices list and/or by testing buttons to see if they will work with ISBoxer.

Secondly, be aware that not all input devices have buttons that can be natively supported by Inner Space. For example, the Razer Naga mouse (which I own 3 of, by the way) has 12 buttons on the side which cannot be natively supported by Inner Space due to their implementation in the hardware. This device implements the 12 buttons by emulating a full keyboard through the hardware, as opposed to providing 12 independently defined buttons. Inner Space's native support can only be provided for devices that provide 12 independently defined buttons. On the other hand, Logitech's G600 mouse (presumably based on the Razer Naga) provides 12 independently defined buttons which are natively supported by Inner Space.

Download the data collection tool

If your device is not already natively supported, you can download this special utility that can collect the data necessary to get the input device natively supported:

Use the data collection tool

  1. Make sure the device is plugged in and operational
  2. Run Lavish.ButtonTester.exe. It will open a DOS window to show its output.
  3. When it says "Waiting for input..." it is ready for you to start hitting buttons on the device
  4. Press each button in an order that makes some sort of sense (you will want to tell us the order!) -- the program is going to tell you some numbers, in the order your buttons are pressed. If you hit a button and do not see anything happen, the device may be emulating a keyboard at the hardware level (as described above), which means it either needs to be reconfigured, or it will not work natively with Inner Space. Otherwise, you should see output something like this: 050D-0815 v210 (Unnamed Device): Button 1 at bit 72
  5. When you're finished pressing buttons, press the ESCAPE KEY on your keyboard to stop collection. The data will automatically be "Copied" for you, so that you can conveniently Paste it.
  6. Get the complete list to or posted to our Multiboxing Hardware forum
  7. Wait for me to add support for the device

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