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The Logitech G13 is part of Logitech's G-series keyboards, though the G13 is not a full keyboard. Designed for your left hand, it has 22 G-keys (labelled G1 through G22), 4 M-keys (M1,M2,M3,MR) along with 8 other buttons and a thumb stick.

All buttons on the Logitech G13, and the thumb stick, are natively supported by ISBoxer. The LCD panel is not currently supported.

Multiboxing with the G13

See the main Logitech G-series article for how to prepare your Logitech G13 for ISBoxer's native use.

The G13 is a versatile device, and there are many ways to make use of it.

Here is one suggested use for the Thumb Stick from the forums: Pro Logitech G13 Thumb Stick mapping (drop-in!)

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