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Using the Logitech Gaming Software with ISBoxer

If you would like to (continue to) use the Logitech software (Logitech Gaming Software, formerly Logitech Keyboard Profiler) to program your keyboard, and are using Windows Vista or later, you may need to right click on the Logitech software icon and select Run as Administrator; if you are using Windows XP or earlier, you do not need to take any special action.

Native support in ISBoxer

ISBoxer has built-in support for your Logitech G-series keyboard. That is, it is able to interpret the G-keys or M-keys being pressed, and make something happen in your game. This lets you use ISBoxer to program your G-series device for multiboxing!

Using ISBoxer native support

To use ISBoxer's native support for your Logitech keyboard, first un-assign each of the keys through the Logitech Keyboard Profiler, then close the Profiler software. Closing the Profiler software will prevent additional things happening from what you configure through ISBoxer -- for example, the MR key would have "Quick Macro" recording that can record and assign new macros to the G-keys, and the Profiler software also includes application-specific profile switching which changes the loaded profile based on the foreground window.

You may select any of the G-keys or M-keys via the drop-down box in any Hotkey Picker window in ISBoxer. Pressing one of these keys in the "press key here" box will not detect these keys (they can only be manually selected). For a G15 keyboard, the keys will appear in the list with their short name (G1, G2, etc). For other models, the key names are prefixed by the device name (e.g. G11-G1, G13-G1, or G19-G1). Note that if the picker window is selecting a Key Combination to be sent to the game, such as in a Keystroke Action, the G-keys and M-keys will not be available (the games we're playing do not support these keys anyway!).

If you have not had your G-series device plugged in before while playing a game with ISBoxer, you may need to first run and then close Inner Space, then re-start ISBoxer. This is so that Inner Space can detect the keyboard, and store this information for use by ISBoxer.

Supported G-series devices

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