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I need a Picture in Picture

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I need a Picture in Picture

So I am trying to make a Picture in Picture type display on a single monitor. The problem I am having is, I basically just want to look at the little screen (Region 2) and see whats happening there. But I need the mouse and keyboard to stay on region 1. I do not want the mouse or keyboard to activate on region 2 at all. I am playing a shooter, and the mouse goes everywhere and sometimes when I push mouse one it swaps the character. I still want to swap the character to fullscreen once in a while, not just always be on the tiny window but only when I hit the next character or Ctrl+Alt+1 and 2. I really hope I am explaining this thoroughly. I will upload a Screenshot of the layout so you have an idea on what I want it to look like. Basically the mouse and keyboard has to stay on whatever character is fullscreen and "pass through" the small window. I have a feeling this is something simple but I have searched google and I can't find the answer. There are others that say they want to do this, and some actually accomplish it, but they just edit the post with "I figured it out. Which is not very helpful. Thank you to anyone that replies.

https://imgur.com/hZpb1Wm Smaller window is in upper right corner top.


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Re: I need a Picture in Picture

Your best bet will be to use VideoFX

You will want to use a Window Layout that is Stacked, FullScreen, and then setup VideoFX Viewers on each of the game windows using the other windows as a source (they will be the predefined is1 and is2 sources, so you only need to define the viewers).

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