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When you use a Window Layout, ISBoxer will attempt to lock in the game's resolution to match your layout in order to look and perform at its best. In some cases it is desirable to adjust the resolution to be larger or smaller than the window, and then scaled (shrunk or enlarged) to fit the window. Doing so requires manual adjustment of the Window Layout's "Reset Region".

  1. In the top left pane under Window Layouts, select yours. This brings up the Window Layout editor in the bottom half.
  2. In the bottom left pane, select Regions. This brings up the Regions editor in the bottom right pane.
  3. Now you need to create a new Region that matches the resolution you would like your game to use.
    1. Right click the large, numbered, black Region (or the closest one to what you want) and select Duplicate Region.
    2. Adjust this new Region's size to match the resolution you would like your game to use, either via Click and Drag, or by changing the Size in the Properties box to the right.
  4. Finally, configure this new Region as the Reset Region for your Swap Group.
    1. Select the Swap Groups tab in the Properties box to the right.
    2. Adjust the Reset Region option (under the Special regions category) to match your newly added Region (which most likely has the highest number in the list)
  5. Export to Inner Space to activate your changes

If you made this change with the game running, you may need to re-launch your game in order to properly apply the setting.

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