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Aion is a MMORPG by NCSoft. Aion is fully supported by the ISBoxer multiboxing software!

As of October 2015, the North American version of Aion now requires the NCSoft launcher, and the older parameters used for launching the bin file directly no longer allow the user to log in.

Please refer to ISBoxer's Quick Start Guide, specifically section 3.1, where it refers to launching games which require a launcher.

As of April 30th, 2014, current parameters for the NCSoft Launcher are:

  • US Servers
    • /LauncherID:"NCWest" /CompanyID:"12" /GameID:"AION" /LUpdateAddr:""
  • EU Servers
    • Unknown (Perhaps the same as the US)
  • GameForge
    • /LauncherID:"GameForge" /CompanyID:"11" /GameID:"AION-LIVE" /LUpdateAddr:""

There is also a Russian client for Aion which uses its own launcher and apparently has anti-hack software called 'Frost' which is unlikely to be compatible with Inner Space. Parameters for either the Russian launcher or Aion bin file are unknown.

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As of April 30th, 2014, current parameters for aion.bin are:

  • US Servers
    • -ip: -port:2106 -cc:1 -noauthgg -charnamemenu -lbox -f2p -loginex -noweb
  • EU Servers
    • -ip: -port:2106 -noweb -noauthgg -st -charnamemenu -ingamebrowser -webshopevent:2 -f2p -lbox /SessKey:"" /CompanyID:"11" /ChannelGroupIndex:"-1" -lang:ENG