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A Hotkey is a combination of keys you press to activate something, such as a Mapped Key. ISBoxer supports a wide range of input device buttons for Hotkeys, including G-Keys and M-Keys on Logitech G series devices, X-Keys devices, and many more.

A Key Combination, in contrast to a Hotkey, is the term used for a combination of keys that will be passed to the game. A Key Combination never has to match the Hotkey used to send it, and also does not support the additional devices (games don't typically have the ability to interpret those buttons).

Key Combination
One or more keys you press on a keyboard or other device.
A combination of keys ISBoxer sends to a game (a Target)
Supports additional input device buttons such as those on Logitech G-series keyboards, X-Keys, etc
Only supports standard keyboard and mouse buttons, since that's what the games know what to do with!

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