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Broadcasting is not matching mouse placement on portrait

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Post Sat Dec 03, 2022 6:21 pm

Broadcasting is not matching mouse placement on portrait

Left is portrait monitor, right is normal one.

If you look at right side (although cursor for some reason got hidden), you can tell my cursor is on "FRIENDS LIST", just under the chat.
On left side however you can see cursor is way too much to the right side.

I got "Use instant windows swapping (synchronizes game resolutions" enabled. Are there any other ways to tackle this problem? I got it all set up perfectly for
8 windows, only this broadcasting is not the way I want it.
Also I didn't actually run all windows just to show this problem, because it doesn't really matter if I run them all or just one (though I tested all of them), problem still persist.


There are few things that make it more difficult. For example main window on main monitor (right side) is as long as the monitor is, but it's height is not as long as the monitor, so game forces black bars on sides (which could mess up with isboxer?)


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Post Sat Dec 03, 2022 8:33 pm

Re: Broadcasting is not matching mouse placement on portrait

It will only "synchronise" resolutions in a Swap Group. Your swap groups have totally different aspect ratios so when at 0,0 in each window they are over the same in game element (on this screen anyway because they show the same UI) but when at position 2560,1080 on the main window, that is off the window for Swap Group 2.

You either need the Aspect ratio of the windows to be the same, and all use the same Reset Region. Or you can try using a different Cursor Positioning mode, which will probably need to be one of the Scaled options. I'd probably try From Center to begin with.


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