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executing a macro across all characters.

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executing a macro across all characters.

I have a prosystem profile that I created while following along with the MiRai's prosystem videos. I am trying to extend it and I'm not having much luck. I added a macro "buff" to the Quick Setup 42 macro set and made sure each of my characters was using that macro set. Then I tried to map CNTRL Z to execute that macro on each character. It works for the character that is the active screen but not the rest. Any help would be appreciated.

https://pastebin.com/7VkzByYW profile


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Re: executing a macro across all characters.

Ctrl+Z is what the raw macro is assigned to, but Shift+Z is the Hotkey that you have assigned to the Mapped Key used to execute the macro on every Character.

I'm also going to move this out of the Pro section because this is just a standard question about a Mapped Key and a WoW macro.

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