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Still cant loot, or Interact

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Still cant loot, or Interact

I have watched the videos from 2017, and I think configured ISO, and WoW for autoloot, and Interact with NPC. However, only my main character loots, and only with right Click, never G, or Shift +G. I reset all my keybindings in game, and just tried to follow the exact bindings entered into the video with no success. My characters do follow, and assist, but never loot, or pick up quest without me having to broadcast and hope they don't run away because... broadcast, or I have to switch to each character to loot. Kind of beats the whole point in Multiboxing.



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Re: Still cant loot, or Interact

Not sure if you are referring to the same video, but here's the checklist from the video referenced in the wiki interact with target

1. Check that all WoW characters have a keybinding for Interact with Target in game.
2. Check in ISBoxer under Variable Keystrokes that this keybinding is the same as what you have in game.
3. Check in ISBoxer under Mapped Keys | Base Hotkeys | Interact with Target that you have chosen a hotkey for the button you actually want to press.
4. Check in ISBoxer that each character in the tab Virtual Mapped Keys has an entry mapping Interact with Target Active Method -> Interact with Target Standard (in Party Key Maps)

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