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My toggles are not working, please help

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Post Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:47 am

My toggles are not working, please help

My toggles are not working. What I did was copy a working profile and restocked it with the crews names I am making a profile for. When I logged in I had to rearrange the toggles and click bar. Then I tried the toggles to login all my clients. But it did not light up like it normally does?


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Re: My toggles are not working, please help

I split this post from the other thread because, although the title of the thread fit what you want, there's really no reason to necro a thread from last year with your new issue that is most likely specific to changes you made in your own profile. Please just begin a new thread. :)

In order to help you with your issue, we have to see your configuration. There's no way for us to predict what you did. The only other possible answer we can give without your profile is that you can go to File, select Clear, run the Quick Setup Wizard, and then you will have working toggles.


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