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FPS Drop when EQ Window not Active

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FPS Drop when EQ Window not Active

Used ISBoxer a few years ago so I still remember how to do the basics. The problem I am running into is my FPS dropping when I do not have the EQ window active. I usually run about 55 to 60 fps when I am in game and when I click out to another window (browser) the FPS drops down to about 5 fps. I want to eventually dual box but this FPS drop will kill that. Any tips on how to keep a constant playable FPS when I do not have the EQ window as my main active window? Thanks in advance.


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Re: FPS Drop when EQ Window not Active

The CPU Strategy Wizard, and the Quick Setup Wizard (in which you also set a CPU Strategy) do have some settings to specify Foreground and Background FPS settings. When the EQ window is not active, then the Background FPS is the relevant setting.

The CPU Strategy itself can have an impact. The usual recommendation is to select All Games use All Cores (the last option in the drop down -> this might even be the default now). I like to make sure Master Slot = <NO SLOT> too, just to make it unambiguous.

It can come down to the in game settings. Some games have their own FPS and CPU limiters (EQ2 does, EQ1, no idea).

Failing that, you may have something else installed that is not playing nice, although that usually affects the active window too.

Two things that help us to figure this stuff out are:
Your Profile: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=13
Diagnostics: http://isboxer.com/wiki/Diagnostics

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