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ISB41 Pro System Video vs using ISB42

After a quick review of the changes to ISB42, and the fact that most video guides are still on ISB41, I figured I'd call them out in the context of a Pro Config and using the Pro Video Series as a basis for the instruction.

  1. In the final page of the Quick Setup Wizard, there are no longer any tabs. There is a scroll bar on the right. Use it.
  2. Key map Combat Hotkeys == ISB42 - Combat Hotkeys
  3. Key map Virtual Combat == ISB42 - Virtual Combat
  4. The "Activate Maps (all windows)" mapped key can be found in the ISB42 - Toggles key map
  5. Unselect the ISB42 - Combat Broadcast and ISB42 - Combat Broadcast Hotkeys key maps from your character set

Explanation of changes.
In ISB42 the structure of the Key Maps is a little different, and there now a lot of a mapped key calls another mapped key to do something.
The reasoning behind this is to get around a problem that occurred frequently with an ISB41 setup where a different game type configuration like Diablo3 (Action RPG) would not play nicely with the WoW style configuration (MMO). This would would end up with a confusing mass of Key Maps that were duplicated and needed to be enabled/disabled per game, and users would end up with incorrect assignments and menus that didn't do anything.
In ISB42, the different styles are implemented in the same set of Key Maps, and it uses Virtualization at the Character Set in order to have the correct mapped keys execute for the style of game. As a Pro Config uses virtualization to achieve the disconnection between the Hotkey and the Actions, in ISB42, so does a standard setup, so it is already Pro!, and now Pro Configuration is "moar Pro".

As you will need to be aware of the virtualization for a Pro setup, then the Standard setup virtualization will also become familiar.

Key Maps
What does this mean for the Key Maps.

In ISB41 there were 3 main Key Maps. In ISB42 there are now 9. Some of these are not used depending on the game you are playing.
As a general breakdown,
  • Always On is now ISB42 - Always On and ISB42 - Toggles. This is separating the Hotkeys from the performed actions.
  • Combat is now ISB42 Combat Broadcast Hotkeys and ISB42 - Combat Broadcast. This is separating the Hotkeys from the performed actions.
  • Non-Combat is now ISB42 - Base Hotkeys

The others, ISB42 - Party, ISB42 - WoW, and ISB42 - VideoFX are used to make the configuration work for the style of play. ISB42 - Party is using Virtualization to map the "Active Method" to the style of the configuration for that character set. You can see what your character set is using by viewing the Character Set properties. e.g.

The last one, ISB42 - Custom Hotkeys, is a placeholder group for you to put in your own mapped keys if you need to make some extras. You aren't restricted to only using this Key Map, you can always make more (and will do so under a Pro Config).

I suggest you do not change the base Key Maps/mapped key (i.e. the Key maps prefixed with ISB42), unless you are sure of the consequences, especially if you are boxing multiple games with the same configuration. This is not to say you can't, and the support guys may even direct you to (if you happen to have an issue), just that it is not recommended when starting out. Note: the one exception to this is where you are directed to change the "Activate Maps (all windows)" mapped key in the video.

ISB41 Pro System Video vs using ISB42 to configure it

ISBoxer 41 - Pro System 01
The final page on the Wizard is a little different to that shown here
However, the options shown are laid out in the ISB42 Wizard in the highlighted areas. (this hasn't really changed at all, except for the extra option of enabling Auto Interact - which as you are turning this off this section for a Pro System config, wont actually matter!).

Of note is that the Game Key Bindings tab which is shown (but not used),
This has now been moved onto the same page, and you can scroll down a little to get to that (I am specifically mentioning this because the Wizard may ask you to fill out the in game bindings depending on your game selected).

Straight after this there is talk of the Always On Key Map.
The mapped key that is being referred to can be found in ISB42 - Toggles -> Activate Maps (all windows)
Instead of Combat, it would be ISB42 - Combat Broadcast Hotkeys, and the replacement under Pro will be ISB42 - Combat Hotkeys.

In the video, the Combat Key Map is then deleted. The equivalent would be ISB42 - Combat Broadcast Hotkeys and ISB42 - Combat Broadcast. I suggest you don't delete these. If you ever ran the Quick Setup Wizard again, it would just add them back in anyway. I do recommend you unselect the two key maps from your character set though. Select your character set in the top left of ISBoxer, in the lower left, select Key Maps, and in the lower right, click and remove the highlight from ISB42 - Combat Broadcast Hotkeys and ISB42 - Combat Broadcast.

This point in the video mentions the four sections you want to be familiar with.
Turns out these are:
  1. ISB42 - Combat Hotkeys
  2. ISB42 - Virtual Combat
  3. Character Level Assignments
  4. Class specific key maps.
These last two have not changed, and the two former Key Maps, only very slightly in naming, which has already been covered.

At this point,, MiRai makes 3 copies of the Virtual Combat key map. This is now called ISB42 - Virtual Combat.

And at this point, there is more talk of the key maps Combat Hotkeys and Virtual Combat Key Maps. As per before, these are synonymous with ISB42 - Combat Hotkeys and ISB42 - Virtual Combat.
I'm going to stop calling out these two differences, as they are pretty straight forward.

ISBoxer 41 - Pro System 02
In this video nothing is different here between ISB41 and ISB42, other than the key map names already mentioned in the TL;DR.

ISBoxer 41 - Pro System 03
When enabling the advanced options in the Wizard, in ISB41 this adds a couple of extra tabs. In ISB42 these are consolidated on to the last page, and you can find the items by scrolling down.
These options are exactly the same as before, except they are not on different tabs.

ISBoxer 41 - Pro System 04
In this video nothing notably different here between ISB41 and ISB42 that has not already been covered.

ISBoxer 41 - Pro System 05
In this video nothing notably different here between ISB41 and ISB42 that has not already been covered.