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Processor Setup

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Post Fri Jan 19, 2024 6:50 am

Processor Setup

Isboxer seems to want to assign 2 threads to each core. I have an Intel i7-1265U with 10 cores. 8 of the cores support a single thread. 2 efficient cores support 2 threads each. I could assign a single thread to each core but the efficient cores need 2 threads. I can't tell which cores get 2 threads. Isboxer doesn't seem to differentiate.



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Re: Processor Setup

You are right, the current process assumes that Intel Hyperthreading is applicable to all cores like it used to be.

As you don't really want to setup a Round Robin profile and end up restricting a game instance to the efficiency cores, which have limited function, I would recommend ignoring all settings other then the Foreground FPS, Background FPS and the drop down in the lower section. In the drop down select the "Select no CPUs, let the game do it" option.

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