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DPS Rotation Virtual Combat Improvement Needed

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Post Tue Aug 11, 2020 7:06 pm

DPS Rotation Virtual Combat Improvement Needed

Hello everyone,

First off, special thanks to bob for his very detailed posts that helped me wrap my mind around this type of setup, and for Mirai for the amazingly detailed and high quality video tutorials.

I have been playing WOW on/off since 2004, just got into multi-boxing with Isboxer about a month ago. After reading a lot of posts from bob,Mirai, and others; I was able to craft a solid DPS rotation for my Fire Mage and Balance Druid. I have a few questions in hopes to improve my rotation.

Fire Mage Structure:
-- Key Maps --
'Fire Mage Virtual Combat' (contains 'Hotkey' Keymap, 'DPS Rotation' Keymap (1 step per spell with 1 action Do Keymap (spell name), and separate Key Maps for each individual spell)

Each spell has an individual keymap within 'Fire Mage Virtual Combat' (not inside 'DPS Rotation' Keymap or 'Hotkey' keymap)

Each spell keymap presses a single in-game key to cast the spell > followed by Do keymap 'Fire Mage GDC' (separate global cooldown timer outside of 'Fire Mage Virtual Combat' keymap), a mapped key step-state action (disables the spell name step in 'DPS Rotation' keymap inside 'Fire Mage Virtual Combat' keymap), and sets a mapped key step-state action to enable the named spell step in 'DPS Rotation' keymap when the spell name timer expires.

While testing the rotation, my damage per second has gone up considerably; however, I notice that some spells later in the DPS Rotation step chain do not cast every time it goes through. I am guessing this has to do with the speed of the Hotkey presses and the character may be engaged in casting another spell at the same time the rotation is trying to execute the late chain spells. Is there any way to improve the chances of all steps getting casted when they are off cooldown? Some sort of different structure to prioritize particular steps in the DPS Rotation? I know Isboxer doesn't see data from the game, but I think there may be a better timer setup or structure I can use to achieve what I'm looking for. I have included photos of my structure for reference.


Key Maps overview:

Fire Mage Virtual Combat:

Fire Mage Virtual Combat Hotkey Key Map:

DPS Rotation:

Phoenix Flames (Spell Example) Key Map:

Fire Mage GDC (Global Cooldown 1.5s timer)


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Post Tue Aug 11, 2020 8:07 pm

Re: DPS Rotation Virtual Combat Improvement Needed

You have a "cooldown timer" set for all the spells, i.e. the time before that step will re-enable in the rotation so it can cast again

You may need to add a "cast timer", so if the spell takes longer than the Global Cooldown to cast (or Channel in WoW), the Rotation wont be interrupted or called again, while the casting takes place.

You might also need to consider pre-requisites for any spells in the rotation. i.e. if they require certain things to happen first, there is no real guarantee that they will be available to be cast when you hit them. Unfortunately there is no way in ISBoxer to know this is the case, so you still get hit with the cast/cooldown timers if you have them set.

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