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Performance Issue

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Performance Issue

Hi all. I am new to Multiboxing. I installed ISBoxer a month or so ago and I am loving it. Currently I am 3-boxing but I am seriously considering going up to 5.

Everything has been running smooth up until this past week. I haven't made any changes to my configuration but suddenly my 2 inactive windows seem to be experiencing a lot of lag. When my characters are running the two inactive characters lag behind and break auto-follow. In combat sometimes there is a delay in getting those windows to respond. Sometimes Interact with target causes my inactive window melee character to run off in a random direction.

I am not very computer savvy so I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to troubleshoot the problem.

1) Is it ISBoxer-related?
2) Is it an Internet issue? My latency on all windows stays between 30-40 even when the other two windows are lagging. If it is Internet related why isn't my main/active window lagging?
3) Is it a PC performance issue? I've been running great for a month now. What could have changed? I am running on a new Alienware Gaming Laptop - 3IH7MEK.
4) Does server population/zone population have anything to do with it? I started a 2nd group of 3 and they are in Westfall. That zone is always busy.

I welcome any advice. I am off to bed now. Hopefully I'll see an insightful reply in the morning.



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Re: Performance Issue

1. probably not, unless you have managed to configure a loop in the mapped key processing, but this usually causes everything to lock up completely, so I doubt it.
2. probably not. Generally all games will run with the same latency (round trip ping from within the game).
3. possibly. Windows updates, antivirus updates, other software that runs in the background updates, Windows assigning some application compatibility settings, new software you've installed that includes overlays (these dont always get on with InnerSpace), etc. The list goes on.
4. yes it does a little, but this will normally be reflected in the in game ping time (see 2). So if that is not really changing, then probably not.

Other things are using DirectX12, and not DirectX11 Legacy (retail, not classic which has no options - I know sweet FA about game regions so Westfall means little to me).

So, the first thing to check would be Task Manager. It's not the greatest tool, but will give you a quick indication if the CPU/GPU/RAM is busy/full.
Second is our manual (wiki) at http://isboxer.com/wiki/HOWTO:Tweak_your_framerate
Third is get a compatibility diagnostic and we'll let you know if there is something obvious there you can change. http://isboxer.com/wiki/Diagnostics


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Re: Performance Issue


Thank you so much for the advice. To clarify I am playing WoW Classic not Retail.

In "System" all my graphics settings were at max.
- I slid Graphics slider bar down from 10 to 7.
- I disabled Anti-Aliasing
- I moved all the extras down to "Fair" and "Good" levels.
- I set my clutter at 4

That seemed to fix my problem. Maybe I've lowered too much and need to slowly amp things up. Strange that I've been playing at max settings for over a month and just now experiencing performance issues. I don't know what to make of that.

Regarding your suggestion to look at Task Manager, I am not quite sure what I should be looking for/at while ISBoxer is running. I must apologize for being tech-impaired. Do you have any instruction or guide for me to use Task Manager to help me troubleshoot?

Thanks again. I really appreciate it.


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