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My tips for multiboxing Realm of the Mad God

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:12 am
by lax
I just wanted to mention, I've been multiboxing 3 ROTMG accounts casually and have my wizards at level 12 at the moment. It's pretty simple to mulibox this game, you really don't need to do anything to your ISBoxer configuration after running the wizard to get started. Using keyboard and mouse broadcasting is, for the most part, good enough for 2D action games like this ;)

I considered setting up Round-robin for the space bar (special attack), but I don't seem to use it enough to really run out of mana or whatever at this point, so it doesn't really seem necessary.

Moving around
Auto-follow doesn't exist in this game, you have to broadcast the movement keys. This works quite well in a 2D world -- as opposed to a 3D world where characters stray away from each other when we do this -- but there are a lot of obstacles that get in the way, so you will drift apart a bit because of that (and lag).

Manually correcting positions is fairly simple, just switch to the different windows and move them back to your team. Or teleport to your main guy (using the feature in the game) if you're that clever, but it doesn't seem practical for multiboxing. A lot of the time I find myself just turning off broadcasting for a second to move the guy in my current window into the middle of my other guys.

Update: Teleport instead of manually correcting
There's a /teleport command I didn't know about (suggested by starjunkie's new ROTMG multiboxing guide) which you can use with ISBoxer. I made a Key Map for ROTMG players which includes a hotkey to teleport your guys to whichever window you use it in. The game's teleport feature works every 10 seconds.

I'm no expert at this game but so far combat consists of
1. broadcast keyboard and mouse
2. hold down left mouse button
3. move cursor in general direction of enemies
4. "move like a butterfly" to make sure the constant barrage of attacks hits everything
5. press the space bar when I feel like it, or when I need a heal from my priest character

Looting sucks. I don't know what I'm doing. I ignore a lot of loot actually. If the loot bag is a different color I try to grab it though. It's not really that big of a deal, it's just that things are usually still shooting at you ;) That wouldn't be a problem but you have to both stop moving AND stop shooting in order to keep your character close enough to loot, and to drag something to your inventory from the loot bag, with the mouse. If there's a more convenient way to loot, I don't know it and I'm all ears. I haven't looked too hard, maybe there is.

This is probably one of those things that gets better with experience.

Edit: With more experience playing the game, I have a better idea of what loot to ignore, and I'm better about clearing the area before looting. It's not that bad.. ;)

Sound in only one instance
At first, you're going to hear the sound from every window and it's super annoying. Turn it off in every window, and then turn it on in just one.

With ISBoxer you can keep these settings like this, permanently:
1. Be on Inner Space build 5561 or later, which adds Virtual File compatibility that was important for virtualizing ROTMG files (Flash files, actually...). Build 5561 is currently the development build; to try the dev build right click IS and select Patcher, check "Download development (test) patches" then close and restart Inner Space to let it patch up.
2. You should grab ISBoxer version 40.1.327.1 or later, which simplifies Virtual File configuration (by making it so you don't have to manually configure the "Virtualize as" filename for every Character). You can update ISBoxer through Help->About ISBoxer Toolkit.
3. In ISBoxer, in the top left pane, right click Virtual Files and select New Virtual File.
4. Rename "New Virtual File" to be "AssembleeGameClientOptions.sol" (with no quotes)
5. Select AssembleeGameClientOptions.sol in the top left pane under Virtual Files, so that in the bottom left pane you see the name, and "Characters" under it
6. Drag each Character (that you want this to apply to) from the top left pane to the bottom left pane, so that it appears under "Characters"
7. Export to Inner Space

Stay logged in, in every ROTMG instance
If you're on ISBoxer 40.1.327.1 or later (You can update ISBoxer through Help->About ISBoxer Toolkit), and Inner Space build 5561 or later (see #1 in the section above), then the Quick Setup Wizard will automatically configure rotmg.sol as a Virtual File, and assign your Characters to it with unique virtualized filenames. This keeps you logged in!

If you already have your ROTMG Character Set created, and would like to add this, you can use the exact same process as from the section above (Sound in only one instance) but instead of "AssembleeGameClientOptions.sol", use "rotmg.sol". You can also use the Virtual File Wizard which will automatically configure rotmg.sol for Characters you select.

That's all I've got for the moment. Feel free to share other tips :)

Re: My tips for multiboxing Realm of the Mad God

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:43 am
by Alge
There an auto-fire option, enabled by pressing upper case i. I think it is cancelled by left clicking though.

I tried to set up some video FX to help me monitor the health of my slaves more easily but I had some technical difficulties - I think the scaling is off but I'll need to play around with it more.

Ideally you want broadcasting on everywhere except over the looting area. Possibly a repeater region over the game area only might solve this... (or just toggle repeater on and off to loot).

Re: My tips for multiboxing Realm of the Mad God

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:44 am
by lax
Yeah, I've seen the autofire option but I'm not incredibly inconvenienced by holding the button down most of the time and it doesn't sound like it will really simplify looting since you still have to aim to shoot.

As far as the repeater region idea I was actually considering the opposite -- setting up a region over the inventory/loot area that cancels broadcasting ;)

Re: My tips for multiboxing Realm of the Mad God

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:35 pm
by Alge
lax wrote:As far as the repeater region idea I was actually considering the opposite -- setting up a region over the inventory/loot area that cancels broadcasting ;)

Yeah, that would be a more elegant solution. It would require more explanation for new users though (I think).