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What to do if ISBoxer, or your game, will not launch

If ISBoxer Toolkit launches fine but your game doesn't, skip this part:
The only known reason that the ISBoxer Toolkit will fail to launch is under Windows XP if .NET 3.5 is not installed -- running ISBoxer will give an error that says something about 0xc0000135. If you get this error, just install .NET 3.5 from Microsoft, via this link: Please don't try to get clever and think "gee, .NET 4.0 is available, why don't I download it instead" because 4.0 is completely separate from 3.5. You need to download 3.5, from that link, and the 0xc0000135 error will go away.


If your game fails to launch, start here. This has several different potential symptoms, including...
- NOTHING appears to happen. No window appears to pop up.
- The game process launches but immediately hangs
- The game process launches but immediately terminates/crashes WITHOUT a message
- The game process launches but immediately crashes WITH a message
- The game launches fine, but does not seem to be affected at all by Inner Space
- The game launches fine, and Inner Space seems to be doing fine, but ISBoxer options dont seem to have any effect once in game

However, regardless of the symptoms, you MUST HAVE THE GAME WORKING without Inner Space. By asking us for help, we assume you are already playing the game without ISBoxer, and are now trying to use ISBoxer with it, and it's not working through ISBoxer.

The majority of game launch issues fall into a few categories:
1. If Inner Space does not point to the right place for the game, it can't be launched. This will usually pop up a message box that says it can't find the file.
1a. If you're using multiple Computers, sometimes Inner Space can't find game on the second PC because it hasn't been configured with the same Game name as on the main PC.
- You can adjust the path of an existing Game or Game Profile through the Inner Space configuration window. Right click IS and select Configuration, click the Game Configuration tab, select the Game from the first drop-down and the Game Profile from the second drop-down. Adjust only the main executable fields (path, filename, parameters). Note that the "Launch without hooking" is for NON-GAME processes you might want to launch alongside the game (which do not need to be 'hooked' by Inner Space), NOT for the game's patcher -- usually you do not need this option.
- The main Inner Space console can be useful in diagnosing this, see

2. Software installed on your PC may interfere with Inner Space's operation with the game. Known offenders (which may or may not still be problems) include Symantec EndPoint, Spyware Doctor, "Forceware Intelligent Application Manager" aka NVIDIA Firewall (nvappfilter; instructions:, Avast! antivirus version 5 (the new version 6 seems to work fine, please upgrade), and Zone Alarm's "ForceField" browser plugin feature (it can be disabled).
- See section below for more info!

3. The game might just not be supported. (List of games known to be working or not working:
- If you're trying out a game that isn't listed, and you discover that it does not work, it's entirely possible that I have to try it out myself in order to find whatever piece of Inner Space isn't working right with the game in order to fix it.
3a. The game might be configured to use an unsupported display option, such as DirectX 10. DirectX 8, 9 and 11 are currently supported. OpenGL is also supported to some degree!


Getting help with and troubleshooting game launch crashing/terminating issues:

First of all, if this is happening to you, and you need help fixing it, please start a new thread, preferably in one of the game-specific sections.

Why a new thread?
Your error is not necessarily the same as someone else's who also has a crash box with the same game -- for example, typical WoW players will see another thread that says "#132 error" and then say "I am getting the same error" without providing any information about their error. There are thousands of different reasons for #132 errors, and the only way to get information about your issue is with the crash report -- that's what it's for! Pretty please, provide your own details (explanation, crash logs, etc) of the problem.

Information to include:
* If the game provides a crash log, or there is a Lavish Crash Reporter box, then a complete copy of the log will probably be helpful. If you leave parts out, I usually have to ask for the rest of it. Save us both some trouble and copy the whole thing ;)
* ISBoxer's Compatibility Diagnostics

Where/how to paste these things for your post:
These logs can be larger than the size allowed per post. However, you can use some simple, free, online tools to provide us with the information.
1. Go to
2. Paste into the big paste area
3. Click Save Paste (after selecting any options you want for the paste)
4. Get us the URL, which should be in the address bar, or you can also copy the "Download Paste" link. Paste the URL.

What I will typically look for in your Diagnostics:
This part might help you save yourself some time. I usually will look at your Diagnostics to find programs that are most likely to be causing interference. You can peruse the list yourself to see if you find things that are listed above as known offenders, etc -- if you do, then shut them off. Note that some programs (usually security related) will still have running components that may still interfere unless actually uninstalled. If you try shutting something off and it still appears in the list as having DLLs loaded in the game, it's not shut off ;)