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Native support for Razer gamepads?

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Post Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:34 pm

Native support for Razer gamepads?

My Logitech G13 is starting to show it's age. I know that even though it is discontinued you can still get one but how long will Logitech still support it?

It doesn't look like Logitech is coming with a replacement anytime soon, if ever, so I need to expand my horizon.

I think the only real replacement would be either the Razer Tartarus Pro or the Razer Orbweaver. Other thoughts?

My question is are these natively supported in ISBoxer like the G13 is?




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Post Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:34 am

Re: Native support for Razer gamepads?

You might want to look for a Steelseries keyboard, if it is the extra keys you want. I have one, and use the extra keys a lot. But i'm also looking for a Razer Tartarus like as extra to this.


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Post Tue Jan 21, 2020 4:52 am

Re: Native support for Razer gamepads?

I presume it's the joystick, at least that it why I use the G13. I bought a Razer Tartarus V2 as backup, but haven't used it yet, since my G13 still works and I would have to remap 3-4 keys.

Since the Belkin N52TE type is supported in ISBoxer, I expect the Razer models can be supported. Although you would have to request it. See:
https://isboxer.com/wiki/Input:Requesti ... ve_Support

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